Monday, March 30, 2009

More showers and sunnny periods and it's not April yet

A chilly wind has been with us all the week and now showers and sunny periods. This heralds that April is on it's way. Here in the UK the clocks all went forward an hour so in the morning it's dark again but stays lighter in the evening. Some historical thing going back to the children helping with the harvest and not interrupting schooling; or something similar.

Boss(he) did not get his kidney stones blasted properly because the machine went wrong and then he went for an interview, one of six, and did not get the job. He reckons he has had better weeks.

47% owner was down for the whole weekend, so got plenty of extra strokes and fuss made of me. Very nice, and the house was just a little more alive. Boss(he) has finished the papering of the room and done the final coat of paint, just a case of moving his computer in and wiring it all back into the network. I think I might take a nap downstairs when he does that.

There has been a little positive light on the financial markets with some upward movement. Although the retail trade looks no better with a clear suggestion that there is little prospect of an up turn in the next few month.

It was frosty this morning and after my two walks yesterday I was a little stiff in my front joints this morning. Glad the boss was cold so we did not go the full circuit. I hope the frost does not get the magnolia blossom as it is just in bloom and the birds all play about in it and sing their tunes. The robin is still feeding and collecting so it looks like there is a hen on a nest in the ivy with young on the way. The last remaining pampas grass heads have been stripped by the birds for nesting material so I guess there are a lot of birds getting ready to hatch fledglings in the coming month?

Michelle has sent the boss a copy of the interview so hopefully will get it on here soon. She has now got a full time position in NW London which means that some people's pets are going to be very lucky. I know that there are many people who will be wishing her the very best, including this one very grateful boxer dog.

No walk with D today as he is out all day at a meeting so will get maybe one more walk if the boss (she) gets back early from work.

Have a good day and lets hope we get some blue skies and sun to warm our backs a little.

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