Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday and it was a wet one

Out with D at a reasonable time wet to start with then just very damp. Set the tone for the whole day damp and wet. Made fully weeds easy but not pleasant to work in and I spent most of the time under cover.

No painting today and only an hour or so of gardening clearing all the Nasturtiums as then are now running rampant and choking many of the other plants. This year there have been four different colours but they are now on the compost ready to provide nutrients back to the earth later in the new year. One of the small rose bushes is still budding despite the hard frost last week. How the trees have changed as more leaves fall and others change colour, although some of the Beech hedges still show green.

The car should be gone this week and then one of the tribe is going to go out with the boss to remember what they had learnt about clutch control, a couple of years ago. Odd how learning to drive a car at first is a problem, I guess three pedals and a gear stick and steering wheel all inside a box in motion can be quite scary. Me I find long drives boring especially as I cannot lay down because of the vibration from the back wheels in the MPV that we have.

I now have to settle into the routine again. Just when I was getting used to going at 3 or 4 times on walks in fields with lush green grass and not noise save the birds and the odd bee out collecting nectar from the last of the clover flowers. This week will be a little different until we get past the hour change in the time from summer to winter setting. Odd really as I thought it was all to help with the harvest during the war?

Well time to run, or just amble as I am off home now as it is getting dark by 5 o'clock and I smell cooking, which means food.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A weeks holiday in Wales

What a week. Good weather most of the time with some very cold nights. Plenty of walks and a few visits to the shops and other places. The people are very friendly and pat and stroke me and say what a handsome dog I am. I will have to take their word as I am a very modest dog!

No going to the beach this time as the weather had a bite to it. We had some sunny days with blues skies and some very nice sunsets. Some days the boss(he) took me out before it was light enough to see very far.But it was worth it as we got to the coastal path the sun would be trying to break through the clouds and the colours were spectacular.

Big holdup on the motorway but we arrived home safely. D informed me that I was lucky to have missed the heavy frost on Tuesday. Then he took me for a walk and commented on how slim I was and full of vitality. I think it is the diet I am on, I will tell you more about it at I listen to what the bosses say about it.

It's been a long old day and I am about ready to take some kip so I will speak tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday the sun shone yet again

Cold night and clear skies. Too cold to go out in the early morning so stayed in my bed. Boss(he) just laughed and said he would get me an overcoat.

Fantastic sunny day and birds were busy and flying things were everywhere. The frost has caught the last rose buds, but the sun still encourages them to burst open to give added colour to the autumnal colours in the garden. Spiders webs are like the finest lace and the berries of the bushes are reds and oranges to provide food for the birds. Yes from a dog's perspective it's a brilliant day even if it's cold.

Tomorrow sees me off on a few days holiday and if the weather stays fine lots of walks away from the crowds and traffic, bliss.

My boss(he) loves Autumn as he sees the colours as a promised of what's to come. Winter is his blank canvas on which the surface needs preparation, Spring is the outline of the picture with the base colours, Summer is the filling in of the shapes and forms and Autumn is the work finished and mellowing. He being a painter of sorts I think he sees everything like a picture.

Well must pack and get some rest busy day tomorrow.
See you Saturday week. Have a good week and may your days be lit by sunlight.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday glorious sunny day

Up and out early for a walk under a canopy of stars. It is just amazing to see all the stars on a clear night. It's cold too with a frost and the boss(he) is rattling on about how wonderful it is to see it all. Whilst I agree I wish he would get a move on my coat is short and I'm getting colder by the second.

Home and in the warm. On the basis that the sky is clear the day should be bright and sunny.
After the sun burnt off the frost and mist the day is just great, plenty of sun and blues skies with the odd flurry of clouds. The frost has caused the trees to drop more leaves and when we go for a walk D and I walk through a carpet of different leaves with a variety of colours and shapes. If the wind blows it will cause the leaves to form into heaps which the birds turn over looking for things to eat. It's a busy time for the birds looking for food, especially as this is the first real frost of the Autumn.

Remember we spoke about the differing opinions on the selling of the car. Well so far there have been 4 phone calls and three people wanted to see it; of those two have turned up and one is going to put a deposit down on Friday. Once it's sold the space will be used for parking one of the kids cars off road. Now would those people have rung anyway on just having a belief that it would be sold was enough for it to happen? The boss(he) take is that if you have the belief and faith then as long as you have emotion that sets up a vibration that will resonant with others and it will happen. He reckons it's easy to understand but more difficult to do. Like when you believe the traffic lights will all be green and they are. Weird or just the Universe responding to your request?

What a fantastic sunset all fiery reds and oranges that coloured the edges of some of the clouds. The colours were just fantastic and fill a dog's heart with joy. If it stays clear there will be another frost tomorrow and it should be a clear day.
The sun has set now and the colours are fading as dusk arrives. D and boss(she) have been chatting in the summer house and boss(he) has just come home. They need to bring the tortoise in to winter in doors as she is over a 100 and they are concerned that the frosts maybe too cold for here to survive.
End of a great day and tomorrow promises to be just as good if not better. May your tomorrow be great and the sun warm your back.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday and the sun did shine

Sun shine was evident after a slow start. The rain from the night has brought down a lot of leaves and the lanes are covered. Should make for some interesting driving. Leaves are a problem to the railway too and often are the cause of train delays.

The day has certainly taken on a wonderful autumn hue. The sun is calling the last colours to the leaves and bathes everywhere with light. I can site or lay on the decking and see all the activity going on in the garden and get my back warmed; bliss.

It would appear that humans have a preoccupation with over eating and obesity. Last week it was not good enough to go for a brisk walk you have to jog. Seems to me that part of this problem is that humans life styles have changed so dramatically in the last twenty years that they have created the situation themselves. Low fat was the fad so everyone was onto low fat diets and did they loose weight? No, because the fat used in many products as a binder and filler was substituted with carbohydrates which is just as bad. People have less time to spend cooking so either use convenience foods are ready meals. Then they are told to eat "5 a day" so the food industry responds with various drinks, smoothies and the like to make it easier for consumers to get their 5. The core problem seems to be a human fixation with time.

Einstein saw time as an illusion and we dogs know that to be true. Take feeding dogs. Humans will spend a lot of money on tinned, dried or moist packet foods for us that saves soooo much time? Is it good for us, hardly as we often die earlier than we should and all the dried products inform that water must be available. Why? Look what do dogs eat in their wild state? Raw meat, bones and any other thing to survive including water of course. So why feed us with processed garbage that costs a fortune and does us little good. Time, because it is easy to open a tin or carton or packet. Look at the ads on TV are the people in a rush?Of course not because the emphasis is subtle and relaxed because your dog is being fed and it's oh so easy and quick.

Why do humans put on? They have become disconnected with who they are. They spend their time doing a not being. They are also unable to manage this thing called time. My bosses spend their weekends doing all sorts of activities that are mostly manual in nature, Yet both are overweight, even if by a few pounds. Now they organise their weekends by setting goals and targets and the more they set the more they achieve. They make food from scratch and cook a roast most Sundays and still have time to watch a bit of TV too. Yet they still have a problem with weight and time. Eating late or missing meals or worse snacking. Habitual eating habits are one of the main problems with humans as they fight to find time. Time to do what I ask?

It's been a sunny day with some cloudy spells but the evening is looking good so tomorrow if the cloud stays away it will be cold with a chance of frost, I reckon. See you tomorrow and enjoy the sun

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday and the rain came

What a wet day and grey too. Early morning rain gave way in the afternoon to some sun, but not the best of days; weather wise. Me, I stayed in and kept warm until the afternoon when D took me for a walk. Very pleasant in the sun. Two days running D and I have spotted a fox sitting in the afternoon sun by a fallen tree on the common. Sees us but does not bother as we don't bother him, so all is well.

Seems that in the late 80's a storm changed direction and created havoc in the South of England. Thousands of trees were uprooted or so badly damaged that they needed cutting down. Kew Gardens was one notable place to loose many of it's old trees. However, as a result people now have a better understanding of tree growth and root structure. As a consequence new plantings take into account root spread and how soil can become compacted around trees if humans are allowed to walk around them. Us dogs help irrigate them and also use them as territorial markers and as a living thing we acknowledge their right to exist.

One of the problems with humans is they get attached to trees and in the main their attachment is misguided. Take for instance all the silver Birch trees in peoples garden that at present are just small trees. Within the next 10 years they will be too high to keep manageable and as a woodland tree not suitable for gardens they will then create a future problem. When houses are built around trees for aesthetic and environmental reasons the developers will not consider future growth of the trees in relations to the space to maximise building plots and profit. A reluctance to cut down, thin out or reduce the number of trees will lead to problems in the future for humans. How many Elm trees are there as a result of Dutch Elms disease?

According to the news the weather for the next few days is set to be sunny. Looking at the sky at the moment I think they might have got it wrong. Looks like more rain on the way. But as my front leg is not a multimillion pound computer I will put this stiffness down to age and not damp. See you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday strangers in the night

What a weird morning. Out early and in front of us appears to be a jogger who seems to be tired, to the point of exhaustion. As we get a little closer he is in his boxer shorts and is either drunk on high on something. Keeps starting to jog then stops then starts again. Even worse he is now jogging in the road and may be injured. Boss, notifies the police who send out a patrol car which arrives when we are going back home from our walk.

On a walk boss sees a fox sitting in the shadows and after I have sorted out my digestive residue it starts to follow us. I have to turn and show some indignation at it's action. It makes no difference it just stays further back and follows us down the lane until we hit the main road.

The morning weather seems odd too. A mild morning for October with cloud and a light touch of rain. If the cloud breaks it will get a little colder and the sun may shine.

Mid-day and out with D for a walk and we see another fox resting in the undergrowth who is not bothered by our passing. Buster was on a different shift so we saw him today. He is very busy at present and because of his age should be slowing down but because of all the human problems he reckons he will go way past retirement age in active service.

Rest of the day is uneventful other than boss(she) brings D a copy of a booklet on a local bus company, which D find most interesting and is grateful for the copy.

Boss(she) starts a little evening job to help with paying for everyday things. Boss(he) is certain that the car will be sold soon, had two enquiries over the weekend after putting the sigh up.
Must go food calls.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday and where is the sun?

Out with D and very little is out and about today; must be the grey weather. Only two joggers and one postman all the time we were out.

Bosses went to town and came back looking happy. No improvement to weather. Boss(he) is cutting the chipboard flooring to fit. Boss(she) is blowing the leaves and fixing hanging baskets and doing some more planting in pots. Floor is down, doors are finished and shelves have been fitted. Filing cabinet has been put into shed and the sand has been moved in readiness for possible slab laying under the tree. D&M busy putting things in the shed.

Bosses start to change things in the back room and its looks like tomorrow will be over Nan's for painting and replacing rotten wood.

Boss(he) is cooking up a lasagna from scratch, which everyone, including me likes to eat. He always leaves it to mature for a day or two in the fridge before it is put in the oven; reckons it brings out the flavour. Does the same thing with curries too.

Tomorrow looks as if it might be a repeat of today on the weather front. If so I would think the last of the rubbing down and possibly priming, if the air is not damp. Replacing rotten wood looks high on the agenda. Boss(he) says that changing from imperial to metric leads to waste when replacing old wood, as the new is a different size so you end up cutting to fit and wasting wood.

Lets hope we have a bit of sun as it always makes you feel better and the birds are busy and sing and life looks that bit brighter. Till tomorrow then.

Friday and all systems go

Grey, cloudy start to the day. Not much to see or do at present.Fog yesterday caused a number of avoidable accidents. Boss(he) was saying that people were driving without headlights on and in light coloured cars too. In this day and age with alternators there is just no reason, even if it's during day time. How are us dogs to see you?

Bosses have decided to change things around at home this weekend if the weather is not good. They are going to finish the shed by laying a chipboard over floor for added strength and finish the doors and add the furniture or fittings.

Mid-day and still no real improvement in the weather although D has hinted that a walk is on the cards. Yes, we had a walk and a long one too. Now many people or other canines about. The leaves are now changing colour very quickly and many are falling. Winter is just around the corner and my coat is not that thick yet.

My change of food from tinned and dried to fresh is working really well and I fit better for it. Less joint problems too. I will keep you posted as it continues.

Tomorrow beckons and (she) has a real bad head cold so we will see what tomorrow bring. See you then

Friday, October 12, 2007

Foggy day

What's this fog? Boy I hate fog it clings to my short hair and by the time we get back I am cold and wet. No doubt this will cause a number of traffic accident with people driving too fast and too close to the person in front. Humans do have strange lemming type tendencies to driving in conditions like fog and rain.

Good news the sun have broken through and it's just gone 9 o'clock so it's looks as if my walks will be taking place with D&M today. The sun is making the garden look like a special place, all the spider's webs are covered in dew and the sun sparkles off each droplet making the scrubs looks as if they are bedecked with jewels. Great day to be alive and wonder at the simplicity of nature in the moment.

If this weather holds then the weekend should be good. Bosses have to go to town first thing, then they will be painting and finishing the shed. Then I hear that it's clearing out the garage; that will prove interesting I will help of course.

What a great day sun, and no rain to talk of today. The evening is looking great and boss(she) is sitting in the summer house with D having a glass of white wine and looking at the amazing sky as the sun starts to set. Boss(he) has just arrived as dusk starts to become night so it's off home and have me back rubbed and some scoff.

Tomorrow is another day of adventure that has yet to come and now doubt it will be misty again before the sun breaks though so enjoy and the weekend beckons. See you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday's mixed bag

Out for an early morning stroll with boss and saw a fox sitting in the road; little wonder they get killed. Boss(she) has a busy day with work, Pilate and then does ironing for someone. One of the tribe was in a competition over the weekend but did not get through. I wonder if it was because she had her hair cut short?

It would appear that the bosses were fortunate enough to see a buck and doe eating up close to day; which seemed to make them happy. I still remember my rubbing nose session with a deer down the lane,which was fantastic as we are not that compatible; according to humans.

What an odd day, weather wise. Misty, with a chill to the air early on and then some rain and masses of cloud. By late afternoon, early evening the sun broke through and for a while the evening was quite pleasant, even autumnal.

Middle of the working week and there is much to do in the garden and around the house. This weekend looks like another busy one with the final finishing of the shed and more painting over at Nan's. If there's time some more working in the garden before the frosts start to appear, which get later every year.

Off for another walk so I will talk tomorrow. Move out of your comfort zone just a little and find a new world to discover.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wet Tuesday

What a day rained on and off all day. By mid afternoon the rain was heavy and many of the lanes were flooding as the water tried to find a way to drain. Still it will make pulling those last weeds easier. The summer house roof did not leak, after the bosses gravity defying action and the new shed stayed dry; so he did a good job on the felting.

Bosses still have a problem about the car; remember I spoke about their differing outlook on how to resolve it. Well boss phoned the original owner and ask if his friend would buy it. We will wait and see the outcome.

I hear that the exercise my boss does with me in the morning is unlikely to be of benefit to him. Seems to me that the experts are missing two important issues. One he works hard during the rest of the day and more important he believes it does him good. Harnessing the mind to do the bodies work is just as good and doing a hard workout and stressing your heart, which may not appear until later in life. What do you think?

Wow the evening has turned out fine. Clear blue sky and a bright sunset. Makes being a dog well worth the effort when something like this happens. Night maybe cold it depends on whether cloud start to come over and keep the air mild. Have a good evening and may tomorrow bring you joy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday- Monday

Up early and out with the boss for his walkies. Not a bright night with very few breaks in the cloud so not much to see. Seem to be having a problem with wind which the boss recons is not helping the ozone layer.

The car came back on Friday and has been a nagging point. Boss (she) is focused on getting rid, whilst he is saying just let it be and it will be sorted. Now humans seem to be action orientated so I can understand that doing something is the best way of getting something done. To back that up it's been sitting there for two years and nothing has been done with it other than the occasional wash and polish. So I can see that she has a point. He on the other hand believes that the car will go when less effort is put into getting rid. Interesting logic, human that is, would indicate that she has got it right and he is just drifting. What do you think?

The day has been odd, very little sun and a sky filled with clouds. Robin has been very busy in the garden and the Blackbird is still coming into the summerhouse to eat bits of my treats. Leaves are starting to change colour now and the horse
chestnut is dropping it's leaves.

Went for a walk and met a young English bulldog, really nice young lady and the owners made a fuss of me so it was good all round. Hope I see them all again.

Very odd feel to house tonight bosses seem to be on edge with each other. Off to bed as early rise tomorrow as I have to go for a walk with him to keep him company I guess. Have a good day tomorrow and if it rains it will help the plants and make weeding easier. Still lots to do in the garden, including turning the compost heaps.
Must go, take care.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday and finish the shed

D takes me out for a good long walk. Weather is overcast with some patches of blue sky. Nothing of great interest today, the hedgerow is providing some food for the birds.

Finishing of the shed today, glazing the windows and fitting the doors. The doors are a tight fit, but the bosses agree to leave to settle in before planing any wood off. Windows done although the boss (he) is not to impressed by the design which consists of a plastic cill on which the "glass" rest, leaving a lot of movement which could be a problem with rattling in the wind. Boss(she) is sweeping the floor and collecting all the odd screws together, I help by nudging the box and they spill out. I was only trying to help.

They are off now to finish undercoating over at Nan's. I will stay at home and look after the tribe. Bosses back now and talking about how much more work it was to prep the bay window which is oak and how the paint will not "stick" for more than a few years. Some rot in the door frame has to be cut out and the wood replaced. Well looks as if they will be busy next weekend again.Oh and Nan's lawn was cut edged and an azalea planted.

Time for dinner now and boss(he) is defragmenting him computer and sorting out what to do now his car is back on the front. He wanted the space to change the suspension on the old car which has done 165,000 miles and still going. Boss(he) says the suspension is "tired" and needs changing before it is given to one of the tribe to have as their first run about.

Time to settle down to relax after a busy day. See you tomorrow and may it bring you and yours new hope and inspiration.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday and was I busy

D took me for a good walk, but I was not feeling to great; too much R&R. Saw lots of people today so I think we were late.

The sleep over was OK and after much fuss making and stroking they all disappeared into their worlds. The bosses went to town and got a book for Nan and some work trousers for him.

Off to Nan's and whilst the boss(he) gets sorted with ladders and things I sit and help with a jig saw by laying my head on it to stop the pieces moving. Boss(he) is up and down ladders rubbing downs and cleaning the woodwork before painting with primer. Tomorrow it looks like undercoating and then some top coating of the work done last week. She(boss) is going to help by rubbing down the front bay window, whilst he does the glossing out back.

We arrive home and boss(he) goes around to look at shed that arrived two weeks early. Seems to me there are lots of bits of wood stacked everywhere. Other boss(she) arrives and they lay the floor to get an idea of the size. Then he says, "lets put the back and one side in". It's three hours later and the shed is erected and the roof has been felted. I hardly had time to help. In between boss(she) vacuumed up all the leaves on the lawn too.

We're off home now and because they are both tired and hungry so they order a Chinese for a change and all the family have a good scoff. Pity that one of the family is in London and hardly ever get to come home and the other one is at uni some ways off.

Weather is looking good for tomorrow so lots of activity and busy things for me to be involved in. Until tomorrow may your morn bring you what you desire and not what you don't want.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday here already

Fine night with clear skies and lots of stars. Boy it's great to look at all that and know your part of it. Boss(he) never ceases to wonder at it all; me too.

The shed has arrived, two weeks early. The man that delivered it has two English boxers, brother and sister that come from a rescue centre. I think the bosses are talking about painting some more wood preservative on it before they erect it. Most likely they will do that this week.

Saturday should be sunny so they are going to get on with the painting. More rubbing down and undercoating and hopefully start the top coating. All down to the weather, needs to be dry and just warm enough to allow the paint to dry without to much shrinking.

The day is sunny and bright with some clouds, but by mid afternoon the sun is warming to the point of getting hot. Birds are busy and bees are out in the lavender collecting nectar. Good day to be around to enjoy life and show gratitude for such a day.

Tonight the house will be full as one of the tribe has four friends staying and they are all sleeping over in her bedroom; with only two beds kinda cramped for me.

I'm off for a walk then some R&R before that all happens. Talk tomorrow, until then enjoy the day

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sunny day in a dogs life

Sunny day with some clouds, but the sun was on my back and it was a great day to be alive. The sun seemed to light up every corner of the garden and the rose buds respond by opening. Such a bright day could mean clear night skies and low night temperatures. A frost might kill off the midges that have been identified as the cause of the blue tongue outbreak in Suffolk. Many of the trees will change colour and hopefully hold on the branches and not fall off yet awhile.

Boss thinks his car will come back tomorrow. He it now looking at doing the engine himself as he reckons its no different to the ones he used to build, just two more cylinders!

Busy weekend ahead as boss will continue to do painting before the weather gets too cold or damp. Remember the shed it should be here in two to three weeks? Wrong it's due to be delivered on Friday. Another weekend taken up with construction work and fitting shelving inside. I will of course assist in any way possible and if all else fails get in the way.

Buster, the bomb dog, has had a busy week at the airport and is always on call. Why any human should wish to take the lives of other seems inconceivable. To do so under some religious reasoning is beyond us dogs. Life is the reason for everything, why have the seasons if not to create more life. We dogs live our lives for the living and being, humans live for doing. Therein lies their problem, if they concentrated more on being then living would require them to be more attuned to each other. All dogs know that they came from just two dogs and then with time adapted to their surrounding environments. Same way humans are all from the same source so instead of killing each other they should become more enlightened and be part of living, not existing.

Enough philosophy for today. I am out to enjoy the sun and see whats to eat and then all this activity will lead to sleep. Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another grey start to the day

Out early and all the signs point to another grey day with mist. Boss is talking about it being more like November than October. Rattles on about crisp sunny days with clear skies. Must be getting old and going back to his youth.

Despite the earlier misty start the day is looking promising now. The sun is trying to come through and the birds are becoming more active. Out for a walk soon so I will see what the afternoon looks like.

The sun has broken through and the afternoon is looking good. The temperature has risen and there is much activity in the gardens, with birds eating berries and searching on the ground for food. D breaks the outer casing off some of my treats and feeds the bits to a blackbird that has being coming into the summer house since she had her young. Some times she would bring her young to feed when they could fly. Last year there was a robin's nest in the compost in the green house. Why a green house when it's made of glass? Must be to do with all the plants and growing and showing green? Glass house has a different meaning if you are in the army.

The evening is not looking to bad, although the clouds are building again. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Every day is full of new things and familiar things never boring because us dogs have a purpose in being dogs, and it's great.
See you tomorrow and may your day be blessed with something new and let the smile spread across your face. Bye for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday - grey day

What a dull looking day. Must go in the garden and look at all the colour still there. Strange how the weather effects everyone. Us dogs just find somewhere warm and doze, knowing that tomorrow or the next day the sun will shine again.

The fall is upon us according to the boss. He has in his mind to go to see the fall in America as he never ceases to marvel at how nature can produce such wonderful colours on the trees. He says it's God's indication of the glory to come after the winter as spring arrives and colour returns to the land.

A single act by one individual can have such an effect on others. Today out for my 9 o'clock walk passed the local school. One person turning out when the road was not clear led to a complete snarl up of the traffic. It took some time to clear as some of the cars where still there when we walked back some time later. It's a human trait that is becoming more evident, that of not considering others. People conversing with someone on their phone in a train so everyone can hear. MP3 players loud enough that the person next to them on the bus can hear. The best one is people who have the window down on their car whilst player music so loud. Why spend all that money and then change the intended environment for best listening by opening a window. Yes humans have definitely lost the plot.

Forecast for next few days means not so many walks as D&M like the sun to shine and the day to be bright. Not to worry I have plenty to do around the garden and there is always some shut eye. Until tomorrow, may the rain be fine and the wind light.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New day, new month

Wet and not the best weather for an early morning walk. But I did it just to keep the old boy happy. Seems there is a bit of a problem with the car the boss sold so it's coming back. Just getting used to the space and possible place to park one of the other cars; off road.

My new diet seems to be working well. I feel a lot better and wind seems less of a problem. It does concern me that part of the problem is that people just do not appear to have the time to prepare meals for themselves, yet alone their pets. After all the additive problems with pet food in the USA humans are led to believe that what's in the average tin of pet food is good for it. Some of the results from America would suggest otherwise.

Good day at D&M's had a walk and plenty of R&R. Helps with the wrinkles you understand.
The shed should be delivered in a couple of weeks, so more activity there. Because D&M have vast amount of books and thing the bosses are going to suggest that that get another shed and they could move some of the books into the shed; giving them more room indoors.

Off home now to see what sort of day the family have had. I'll keep you informed. May the sun shine and the birds sing in your garden.