Thursday, November 29, 2007

Midweek and where has the sun gone

Wednesday was not my best day. My ear was giving me some pain and even worse I was not eating. I got boss(he) to help a little with the web site to keep it on schedule for completion this weekend.

The Skyline R32 GTR has gone. All 416 BHP now belongs to someone else, boss was a little sad but the guy that brought it looks to be a the sort to get it back on the road and give it lots of TLC.

I think the boss(he) is suffering from pre-Christmas tension at the moment trying to organise presents and the like and get everything sorted for the family. Nan is away for a couple of days so the new number plate in black slate, very tasteful, will be screwed to the wall as a surprise.

I am hopeful that this wet and cold weather will make way for some sunny and cold weather. I love the blue sky and the way the sun makes for contrasting colours with it being so low in the sky.

Have a good day and remember you have the choice be miserable or be happy. Blaming others is just that it's your choice so choose for happiness.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Interesting start to the week

Monday was "just another day" as the Beatles sang. Weather has turned very Novemberish with damp roads and some fog patches. According to the boss(he) the grey and silver car brigade insist on driving without dipped headlight in poor visibility for some strange reason?

Tuesday same weather early on then it brightened with some sunny periods. Went out with D&M for a walk and whilst out along came another little dog laid down ready to spring up and have a play and it bit my ear and would not let go. Blood everywhere and another visit to the vet, ear was trimmed, more jabs and back home having been given a very mild sedative. Back legs seem to have a mind of their own and I feel so tired. Would not have minded but the mutt was only a little thing, seems that I have had more trouble with little dogs having a go at me than any other size. Hm must be a reason. best take a little more care when little dogs approach from now one. Check the vibes before making a decision on whether to play or not.

Looks like the car will go today. Boss(he) has had a hard time keeping focused as on Sunday another tire kicker phoned and had a look. Turns out the original person is going to buy and was having problems with selling his car to finance buying this one. It will be sad to see it go; as a fox would sometimes sit under it in the morning and I would chase it off. Still it's better to go to someone who will get it back on the road and give it plenty of TLC.

Just a note that I will not promote any sites on my blog that just leave me promotion chatter,reciprocation is the name of the game, I like my back to be scratched so you do the same or don't bother with your promo comments. Grrrr.

Web site should be up by the weekend, a little delayed with my two visits to the vets. I will keep you posted.
Enjoy the sun and let it shine in your heart.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanks Giving

To everyone a Happy Thanks Giving. My American relations take time out to meet with friends and family and partake of a meal and other good things to celebrate. I think it sets the mood for the festive season culminating in Christmas. In the UK we celebrate the harvest with a thanks giving too, but not in the same manner as our friends across the pond.

What a week of changeable weather out with the boss in the mornings and not certain if it was going to be wet or very cold. Still it's November so should expect some changes to the weather, particularly getting colder.

D took me out on Saturday, only one jogger and very little else. The sky was filled with fast moving clouds but we got back without getting wet. Bosses went into town after dropping youngest son and girlfriend at the station. Boss(he)sorted out the pelmet lights in the kitchen and the day looked to be one with achievements.

Sunday out with D and boy was it cold. Flushed a heron by the pond; his feet must get cold standing in the water. Saw Buster, he is very busy at the moment with all the security problems and looked to have lost some weight. Talking of which my diet is going well and I am a leaner, meaner boxer dog. More info on my web site.

Much collecting of leaves and some tidying of the garden, sunny and quite mild considering the morning was cold.

I see the BBC web site has a section explaining the sub mortgage problems in the US. The only problem is that some people have made a lot of money and caused hardship to many, not to mention that people are now homeless. The net result it not contained in the US, but has rippled across to the UK and beyond. Tighter regulations and less small print could have prevented it. But, then there would have been less money for a few to get at the expense of so many. In this country there are still ads on certain TV channels encouraging you to get into debt by consolidating your existing debt into "one easy payment". It is still a debt and if it's tied to your house it has the potential to create more problems.

Smoking is bad for your health and advertising has been banned. Lets do the same for debt and credit cards there are just as bad for peoples health if not more due to the stress debt causes. Of course people should not get into debt, but buying a home or car is a debt and we all need them.

Have a good week and may the sun shine and light you world.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where has the sun gone?

Out with the boss on Monday, early and although it had been raining it was dry and the sky was becoming clear with a multitude of stars showing. Rather uneventful walk as we saw nothing and no body. The clear sky does mean that it is getting cold. Only one thing for it. Back home and under the covers until breakfast time.

Boy was the afternoon bad. The rain was persistent and heavy at times and kept everyone inside. Not only was it wet but cold as well. Not good for a Boxer dog as me joints suffer a bit in this weather. I was inside keeping guard, whilst M watched the TV with her eyes closed and snored. D came in from the summer house to tell M that a fox cub had walked across the decking in front of the summer house and carried on up the garden before jumping into next door's garden.

Tuesday it had rained in the night but again was clearing as we went for a walk. My fox friend came with us part of the way. Cheeky, walked only a few feet behind us until we hit the clearing then was gone. The temperature is about 7 degrees and it feels colder. Out and back at a brisk pace and then under the covers to get warm and await breakfast.

Boss took the computer to a friend to have the hard drive checked as he thought it was on the way out. Brought PC back with a new hard drive and a hope that the data can be recovered from the old drive. Both he and his friend are thinking that it might be due to the drive being in upside down, as his friend sees a lot of drive failures with this location problem. Any thoughts out there?

Lets ensure that our week is not a grey as the weather by changing our view point. That way the pillock who just changed direction without signalling and without any lights on in poor visibility, may have something on his mind other than other motorist!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mainly wet weekend

Saturday and D will come and take me for a walk later as it is raining hard, blast the weather. 10 o'clock and the rain has eased so out for a walk. Very little to report only one jogger and he did not look happy. Strange, most joggers never look happy!

Not much going on today. Boss(he) is at D&M stripping off old wall paper and peeling paint as he is unable to do any outside painting; due to the rain. Went to see how boss(he) was doing. Looks like the finish plaster has come off in one place partly due to the leaking roof and partly because the scratch coat hardly had and scratches to help the finish coat bond to it. He will need to take down the plaster ceiling and look at the state of the joists and put in a proper lead flashing on the outside, cut into the wall.

I am back to normal now and my diet has been given the OK by the vet who reckoned that for a 9 year old I was in very good condition and as strong as they come. My new web site is coming along and will be ready soon; more information to follow.

Sunday and it's dry but very cloudy with fast moving grey clouds every where. Again nothing of interest, not even a jogger today. Deliver papers and have walk without getting wet. Boss(he) is off to do some recreational painting today. A vase of flowers I think.

Rain by mid day and it has got cold again. No gardening today as it is too wet. I like the sunny cold days by dislike these wet and cold ones as the cold seems to get right into the bones.

Christmas is not far off now and no doubt my relatives in the USA are starting to prepare for it. They always seem to have a more community spirit to Christmas than here in the UK, where everyone has their own somewhat private celebrations. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to what should be a lean time as the interest rate and leveling house prices start to hit the pockets of consumers.
See you soon take care and may the sun shine on you for a while.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another week is all but done

Thursday was very cold in the morning with a heavy frost that took the sun some time to melt. What a glorious sunny day with birds busy feeding and the leaves falling from the trees like confetti. Blue skies with the occasional white wispy cloud. A day to be glad to be alive and in the now. Still feel a little off colour, although my appetite is back but I have only a restricted amount to eat until the weekend.

My apologies to the pigs of the world. It would appear that my reference to being a pig had offended. As a creation of the world I have no problem with pigs and my colloquialism was not meant to offend my pig readers.

Friday was very cold again and today the sun did not burn off the frost in areas of shade. The Blue Tits were very busy in the trees and Robins had a good time searching for food amongst the fallen leaves.

Seems this week has not been good from a techie point of view as the main family computer has gone on the blink.Dad is doing his usual and will at least get it back and running to backup to another drive. Technology is a wonderful thing, yet humans are always at it's mercy. Take cars they are more and more reliant on computers to control the braking, traction control etc. Yet on little thing can immobilise them. Lifting up the bonnet is no longer of any use. The boss remembers when he used to build engines and gearboxes for his custom cars. He does admit is was in the 70's.

Well lets hope the weather stays sunny for the weekend. Talk tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another week is flying by

Boy, what a week. After my little episode on Monday evening down the vet and completely loosing the plot and the will to stay upright. Tuesday was a mix of gaining some sort of reality to this world and plenty of sleep. Food was just starting to become an interest in my life. Boy I must have been bad to not think about scoff.
Funny, or not, but life often gives at a jolt when we are not being what we ought to be. What was I doing, begging for treats and make a pig of myself. When I should have been doing what I am good at - being a boxer dog.The treats would have come anyway, although not so many and been better for me.

Lesson to be learnt? When you put more effort into doing and not into being life gives you a jolt to reset your bearing and be more and do less. Humans have the same problem. Take my family, they are always working hard and long hours for less. He works long hours and earns money so he pays more tax. She works hard and appears to get no where in terms of reward or acknowledgement. The end result is that resentment creeps in and blinds them to the fact that doing less will produce more.

Now most humans are told to work hard and be honest and punctual and you will succeed. Whilst these attributes are creditable they do not take account of the BIG picture. All this talk is about separateness, all individuals striving to have a better life, job, car, holiday, house etc. Yet humans are not separate, if they were the vast majority would not be experiencing the same things, in varying degrees.
Recent surveys have found that over 78% of people are not happy in their job and a similar percentage find the job they do stressful!

The dollar is now trading at just over 2 to the pound. What does that REALLY mean. Nothing because there is not enough gold in reserves or on deposit to cover all the "money" in circulation. I have spoken about this before and the "feeling" attached to money that gives this false sense of security. The value of gold rises to attempt to cover for the credit. Copper is now more expensive to buy yet in the UK we are building no more houses than normal. Why has copper become a "hot" trade. What do you think?

As a dog and in some ways more able to see the whole facade of "human life" my observations lead me to conclude that humans have lost their way and instead of trying to find the way back delude themselves through the pursuit of money and material things as the way.

Enough of humans things the days have been cold with some rain and some sun. Life in the garden is one of storing for the Winter and readying for Spring. Last evening I came upon a young fox in the garden who was off like a shot and on the bosses shed. Well I had to start barking as the shed roof is getting old and not able to take the weight any more. D came out with his flash light and the fox was off the shed and into our neighbours garden without a goodbye. Today, Thursday it is very chilly at minus 3 and my coat seems to be rather thin so I am home to get into bed. Looks like it could be a wonderful sunny day. See you again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where did the rest of the week go?

After Einstein and all the weather changes from wet to very cold yesterday (Monday) where did the week go?

Last Thursday was uneventful,although the weather was fair with some sunshine and activity in the garden. Birds busy at the feeders or grubbing about on the ground. D still breaks up biscuit for the birds in the summer house and the Robin and blackbird still come in to peck it up.

Friday was much the same although there was more sun around and on our walk in the morning we had a fox a company for a while. Blue tits and goldfinches are busy in the silver birch and at the feeders with the finches liking the Niger seeds.Went for a walk with D in the afternoon but no one about. Must be the time of year as I have not seen Buster or No Brain for a while now.

Saturday out with D to deliver the papers and some medication for one of our friends. The leaves have now started to fall very quickly and trees are now like skeletons, although some are still showing some wonderful colours in the leaves. The boss(he) wants to go to see the fall in the USA before he dies and looking at some of the pictures on his screen saver I can see why. Some activity in the garden with racking of leaves and the turning of the compost heaps to aid the process. Boss(he) was ill later in the afternoon; just before it got dark. Must have been some virus as he was in the small room quite often all evening and was in bed early. Mum had a bonfire to get rid of the last of the wood debris. The ash will be used around the garden and put into a heap in one corner to suppress the weed growth there.

Sunday, was mostly wet and someone came around to look at the car, but they all never make up their mind there and then. I had a bit of an odd day as D and I got wet on our walk and I was bit off the food; unusual for me I know. Because the weather was damp it was day around the house with a lot of pottering; not the Harry type. Boss(he) was feeling better, although still a bit groggy on the pins and feeling light headed. All in all a day more for being than doing. Nice for me as it meant I could relax and look into D's eye with my big brown eyes and get treats.

Monday. Oh boy I wish I had not eaten so many treats as I feel bad. I can just about make the effort to drink some water and can't eat a thing. Boss(he) is off work today as he still is not 100%. So by mid-day we go for a long walk in the sun which is nice. There was a heavy frost this morning and in the hedge row there is still some frost where the sun had not reached. Back home and drink of water, but no food. Feel awful and my belly is making some odd noises. Mostly sleep until everyone else gets in. Boss(she) is quite worried about me and just before 7 o'clock the boss takes me to the vet. That visit was not enjoyable had two injection and now I am home and have lost the plot completely as well as control of by back legs. Seems the vet gave me a mild sedative to quieten my stomach and that's it I am out for the count. Bliss.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wednesday already

Mixed weather so far this week, although mostly sunny with a chill to the wind this morning. Not a lot going on this morning, only one fox as a companion for a while before they were off to look for some food.

Lot of negativity in the house at the moment which I find starts to depress me. If I get depressed it makes my wrinkles, wrinkle and that's not a good thing. As Einstein said, " in every problems there lies opportunity". Humans spend to much time dwelling in the past and not being in the present. I guess it's hard for them to do, but they just go over the same ground again and again getting more upset or frustrated. Look if you are in the present, right now, have you a problem. No because if you are in the present you are reading this. It's only when you let the mind start chattering that you move away from now and start to go back in your history or even worse go forward to the future. We dogs learn from the past and change what we do so that it positively effects what might happen the next time that situation arises. That's why we sit, roll over and do tricks if we associate that action with a treat or food.

Remember Einstein's quote? Lets look at it a little closer. If there is a problem, there must be a solution. Not always the first that pops into the mind, but by changing your viewpoint it may present an opportunity. Take as an example going broke. In the UK their is an author and a peer who lost the lot. Whilst in prison he wrote a book, it was published and he got paid. He has since written other books and they have all been published and he is no longer broke. He may not be a peer anymore, yet. Does that matter? Probably not, but he is not broke. He saw opportunity and went for it when he could have easily thought his world had come to an end. Change your view and change how you see the problem, which opens up opportunity. Einstein knew a thing or two about life and human existence. What do you think?

That's enough on humans and their approach to life for today. Look it could well rain today so smile and the sun will shine. I like the rain as it cleans the place and gives life to all living things. I must admit it's best when it rains in the night, then I don't get wet.

Smile and someone may just smile back like wagging the tail has the same effect. See you?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday and the world of woe

Cold and star studded morning as we had our morning walk. Fox in the drive of the house 2 doors away, but little else to report.

The bosses were talking about the problems in the USA in the housing sector. Now being of American descendants my ears pricked up. What I gather is that people trying to get a roof over their heads and have a place to live with basic living requirements have, because of their background been poor or low credit risk. Then through less than honest advice they get on the property ladder and all is well until they find that the rate of interest starts to rise and other "small print" increases their debt beyond their earning means. Possessions start happening and then the only people to make from this are the banks and other financial institutes that backed it all. They still own the land and property yet leave the dwellings to decay rather than keep money coming in from the lender.

Who gains certainly not the borrower because they are now homeless, not the state or the government as they will bear the burden of the homeless in one form or another. My problems is that many of those house owners will have had dogs. Now with no home or backyard they will be on the streets to roam and be killed by traffic or by the state. To make matters even worse their bodies may well end up being processed into pet food.

There is a similar problem in the UK where people brought endowment mortgages which are now maturing only to find that they will not have enough money to pay off the mortgage. The mortgage brokers still get their percentage as commission and the mortgage lender has potential property worth many times the value of the endowment.
Who losses, the person who took out the endowment and most are now reaching retirement age as the endowment matures? They are having to borrow against the equity in the property AND GETTING IN MORE DEBT. People are making money out of this misery and at present they appear to be untouchable or unaccountable because the governments of both countries are afraid to take action to preserve the basic payout to pay up the mortgage or pressure the banks to accept some payment. The end result is the dollar is at an all time low and the economic repercussions are being felt around the world. The UK economy is slowing, house prices are slowing and Christmas is coming and no one has money to spend so production of seasonal items will be lost.

Oil is at a high, not because OPEC is cutting back, but because of speculation on the market based on US reserves, which are inaccurate. Who is making money? The people who are manipulating the market. Remember this happened to silver way before my time. One person started a chain reaction with silver until the bubble burst then silver went back to it's market value. Some lost but some made millions on what, a whim or serious manipulation of the fragile system of market forces.

Humans need to stop doing and concentrate on being. Why because in all reality do you think that there is actually enough money in the world to pay what everyone is owed. Of course there is not it's all based on credit. When enough people start to panic and take money out, like Northern Rock , in the UK. The Bank of England had to step in as there was not enough available cash. What a system. Little wonder it can be manipulated and causes so many financial problems for those who have no say in it.

Humans, seems many are just going through life paying for the wealth of the minority. No wonder they pay a premium to be entertained so they can loose themselves in another world for a while.

May the sun shine and the warmth touch your body. It's a blessing from above and it's free so enjoy. Until tomorrow take care.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What Monday already

What a week sunny periods and cold mornings all week. D took me out on Saturday and as we approached the pond 5 deer walked across the path to drink at the waters edge. Where else can you see such happenings within metres of a busy A road and in a high populated area? Bonfire tonight to get rid of some of the large thick wood that will not compost or shred.

Sunday and D and I met a young mum with her little boy who made a fuss of me and called me "big dog". Very misty on Sunday and at one point D and I had our heads above the mist and the rest below it. By 9 o'clock the mist has been burnt off and the day is sunny and bright. The grass is still growing so the little lawns are cut with the blades set high. Then off to Nan's to do some more topcoat whilst it is dry and warm. People busy next door clearing up the garden looks like they will have a bonfire too.

Monday and up early with the boss(he) and a fox walked with us down to the common before meeting another fox and then they when off. Cold this morning and the only thing to do is get back home and get under the blanket.
My web site should be up soon with information on boxer dogs and some very good links and a free ebooklet for those who give their name and email address. More later on this and some other things I have seen the family doing on the computer.

Well must go as I have so much to do on all this web stuff. It's not easy for a dog as the paws keep pressing more than one key. A challenge I will overcome or invent a keyboard for dogs.
Have a great day and may the sun warm your back and touch your heart.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where has this week gone

What a busy week. Monday out with the boss over the common for a long walk then back home and a busy day in the house. Sorting out the larder and disposing of all those jars of jam etc that had gone past their sell by date or had lost their appeal. Reorganising and doing stock rotation of the honey, chutneys and other home made edibles. In the afternoon the kitchen and dining area got the works and the floor was given a good clean and mop with nick knacks and the like being cleaned and rearranged. Before I knew it the day was closing and with it getting dark by 5 o'clock there was time to reflect.

Tuesday was another long walk in the morning followed by a day in both gardens with lots of light digging and planting for spring and some final pruning. All that needs to be done now is to turn the compost heaps to aid aeration and give the whole effort some fresh air and new life.
Out with D in the afternoon and a very nice sunny day with plenty of blue sky and much activity in the garden with the resident robin turning over the fresh dug soil looking for food. The blackbird is still coming into the summerhouse to eat some of my dog treats.

Wednesday was a mixed day with the weather but with some sun, but quite chilly when it was not to be seen. Got grey as the day headed towards lunch time and lots of leaves to be swept up and put away to mulch. Hair cuts in the evening which is a time for the adults to chat and have a little socialising. Time for me to take advantage of the situation and gets some treats by making a nuisance of myself; in a nice way you understand.

A mixed week so far with much activity in the house and Halloween and then getting the bonfire for November the 5th on the agenda. Speak to you soon. May yours days be filled with that which you desire and not with what you don't want.