Monday, January 21, 2008

Wet with more to follow

Well the rain eased and by Friday the flood plain water was subsiding.Although the ground is still waterlogged the water is draining which means my paws don't get too wet.

As I was walking down on the common it struck me that the main problem with humans is their detachment from nature. There has been an increased shift towards humans disconnecting from each other and from the planet they live on. Humans it seems know better than nature and spend time and effort trying to change nature, when in the long run it would be easier if they sort to change and work with nature. There will always be natural disasters, but humans should look towards their contributing to others through their contamination of the environment, deforestation and industrialisation. Take China, a vast country that through localised industrialisation has polluted many of it's rivers which were a source of life for both humans and nature.

Man's constant quest to find ways to produce with reduced production or material costs whilst maintaining a profit seems to be one of the biggest factors behind the global destruction of the planet.Outsourcing to Asia to save on wages has been a motivational force behind many of the companies in both the USA, the UK and Europe. The net result is that this creates in the outsourcing country a desire to have what other have got and the consumer loop is created and at what cost?

Us dogs don't go around trying to change the planet, rather we "go with the flow" of what nature offers. On the river Thames in the UK they built a barrier to prevent flooding in the upper Thames and London. They have also build along many of the margins that surround the lower Thames, which means that when prevailing conditions are right the Thames will be very high. In the past this would have meant localised flooding of the corridor land which was mainly marsh and wetland. When it is drained and built on the water must then go further up stream. Hence the Thames barrier to stop London flooding.

How's the New Year resolutions going? As this is the 21st day of January if you have been sticking at it, your habit should be changing or have changed. Replacing a habit with another more beneficial one will also speedup the change.

An incident at Heathrow airport clearly demonstrates that humans exist in many facets of their life on a knife edge. Thankfully there was no fatalities and save for the damage to the plane and skid marks on the grass, damage was minimal to the environment. In the storms last week a cargo ship started to loose it's deck cargo of sawn timber and then sank with fuel oil still onboard. The timber will be washed ashore, but will be of little use, the forest where it was cut is minus all those trees and there is still all the fuel oil onboard the sunken ship waiting to leak out and pollute the sea.

Whilst the government of the UK is careering from problem after problem I see that the presidential run for the White House is now in full swing. Why is it that humans in democratic countries elect their representatives and then take no further part in how that person on party runs the country. They seem to abdicate that responsibility and then complain when it all goes pear shape.

That's my view as a Boxer dog of advancing years. The answer is for humans to stop fighting nature and to start working with it. There maynot be as much profit in it short term but long term humans will have a better place to live and so will we animals.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wet or what?

Two days of rain and we have parts of the UK flooded. So far not as bad as 2007, but could be if the rain returns. The weather forecast is for rain over the next 5 days so it may get worse.

This morning was cold and the outlook was dry and I was happy as the last two days I have got soaked. There is nothing quite like a wet dog to raise the smells in a house.

What makes this whole situation so crazy is that the Government is insisting that more houses are build in the South of England. The only large space of land left are either Green Belt or flood plains. Guess where they are suggesting the houses might be built?

Now besides the smell it is advisable to either wash your dog after they get dirty and wet or at least dry them off with a towel. This will encourage the oils to come near to the surface and help keep the rain from soaking in and causing us dogs to get a chill. Our vet calls this Aunt Maud's disease and often associates it with us dogs getting a chill.

Remember the modified diet I am on well it's based on the BARF one, without so much of the raw because I have a problem with eating raw meat. If it's cooked for a while that's fine I can eat it if it's raw inside; if you know what I mean?
There was a big recall in the USA of commercial pet food and more worrying was the fact that well know brands were involved. It's a multi million, if not billion, dollar business so profits are huge. It would seem that many brands buy their products from specialist processors and that's where the contamination occurred. The result was many cats and dogs died within a short time of eating the contaminated pet food.

According to the bosses the only advantage of commercial pet food is convenience as they have found significant savings buying meat for me and even part cooking it.

I hope all your New Year's resolutions are still on tract. Just stick to it for 21 to 30 days and your new habit will be established and the old habit will have diminished or no longer be a habit.
Till the next time have a great day and don't let people get you down.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Raining on my world

Mixed bag of weather over the last few days. Mostly rain and some blustery winds, which I don't like as it blows in my short ear. The ponds on the common and the surrounding ditches are now overflowing and the common feels if it's at saturation point.

Plenty of activity in the kitchen over the weekend with soup making from the last of the vegetables from the garden. Next year is will be all flowers and some beans which will be dug back in to add to the soils Nitrogen content. The high winds have meant that the fences have taken a battering and both D&M and our next door neighbour had panels broken. Guess what people will be doing next weekend if the weather is dry?

Boss (he) sorted out a problem on one of the cars.... loose wire to the brake pad wear indicator. Diesel is now over £1 per litre or £4.50 plus for a gallon. There is still plenty of oil but speculation is allowing some people to make a lot of money at the expense of the rest. The wet weather so far in the UK will mean that vegetable prices will rise because of the problems with the crops and the increased fuel costs. This means that "Jo public" gets hit multiple times. Crazy or what?

Due to an oversight on the part of bosses I had to eat some commercial dog food on Friday. Well I didn't, because it smelt odd after having my food sorted by the bosses. Although convenient and useful in an emergency I have been much better since I have been on a modified meat and veg diet. My veg is precooked to help with digestion because in the wild my natural prey like rabbits would have predigested it and then I would have eaten them. Sounds gruesome but that's what happens in the wild. Also way back dogs were given scraps from the table and usually after the humans had eaten so the pack instinct was established. They ate before us so we were down the pecking order.

This week looks like another wet one and what with the Writer's Union and actors boycotting the Globe awards the week ahead is going to look interesting. Where ever you are try a little singing, whether it's sunny or raining it will make you feel a little better.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Keep on with those New Year's resolutions

As a Boxer dog I see the suffering my "family" go through in their efforts to keep to their New Year's resolutions. As I have indicated it's all about changes to habit and choice.

According to those who spend their time on compiling the stats before 30 days most have either given up or not started their resolution. Mark Twain is quoted as saying Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever. What do you think was he spot on?

Below are 10 reasons why people fail to achieve success in their resolution:
Not writing resolutions down on paper
Going it alone
Not enough knowledge to map a plan
Lack of focus
Those inevitable obstacles
Too vague
Emphasis on negatives, not positives

In my observations, as a Boxer dog, the above is not only for New Year's resolutions but for everything in a humans life. I will leave you with this as a moment to ponder that take those 10 reasons and if you do the opposite then you must succeed. Now that must be easy? After all we Boxer dogs are an easy going bunch who love nothing better than to play and be Boxers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a week that was

Another week has rushed by and the festive season and New Year are now gone. The snow last Friday was very brief and mainly fell as sleet. I like the snow but it builds up in the paw pads and gets very cold as it turns to ice. My friend the Welsh Border Collie has lots of problems as his fur is much longer. If you are taking your Boxer out in the snow remember they have short hair and need a coat if you are going to play for hours.

Global warming? Yet the cost of fuel in the UK is set to increase above inflation. Train fares have increased above inflation and wages for the public sector are set to stay at inflation. No wonder it's called Rip Off Britain! Home repossessions due to rise even higher this year, who benefits from all this?

My diet is going well and all in all I have more energy, my coat is good and for 9 years old things are looking up since they changed me away from commercial pet food and all those additives.

Good news it looks as if D&M may start taking me out for a walk again. Remember they lost their confidence after the ear tearing incident. I hope they do start because it not only benefits me but they get some exercise too.

Not a lot happening in the garden, just keeping it tidy and planting out some hyacinths brought at Christmas which have finished flowering. Many of the bulbs are starting to show through and the willow has catkins starting to form. The evenings are starting to draw out a bit too.

Have a good week and speak soon and remember change your habits and behaviour to achieve those New Years resolutions.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New year is here

I hope that those of you that celebrate the New year had a good time. It seems that firework displays are becoming the way capital cities bring in the New year and some are spectacular.

According to the RAC, a motor breakdown service in the UK, today will be one of their busiest as many people have not used their cars for a week or more. It never ceases to amaze us Boxers that with all this technology to be found in cars today it still relies on a battery to get is all going. According to the boss(he) the only advances in batteries seems to be the cost and less maintenance, yet they still only last three years or four; if your lucky. Why?

The weather here is due to change from mild to snow in the next day as temperatures drop. Snow brings with it all sorts of problems, not least the roads and railways seems to grind to a halt, if the falls are heavy.Boss(he) seems to remember when he lived in Finland where the snow falls were heavy that there was disruption for the first day. After that everyone seemed to adjust and services were restored and life returned to normal for the rest of the snow season.

Well, that's two challenges for 2008. Advances in car battery technology to have a prolonged life and be recyclable. In the UK a better system to accommodate snow without disruption. Both I am certain are achievable with a plan of action. Which brings me onto those New Year resolutions. Have you formulated your plan. What changes to your habits and behaviour are necessary for you to succeed?

My web site has been tested and is now ready to go. What do you suggest as a good hosting service? I have asked this before but got very little useful feedback so come on lets have some suggestions?

My best wishes to all humans and may this year begin a change to the way frustration is expressed. Less violence and more awareness. We boxers are amazed at how people can get so violent when driving their cars. Road rage, which has resulted in people being killed. Why? It's a habit that becomes part of human makeup. Violence is an instant gratification for a moment when frustration takes over. Yes there is injustice, unfairness and other actions that lead humans to feel they are not in control, but is frustration expressed as violence the answer? Of course ranting at someone who changes direction without indicating or carves you up is frustrating. But loosing your temper is an indication that some meaning to the action has been internalised to create the reaction. If you pay less attention to the action or even dismiss it then you are changing the reaction and if you persevere you change the habit. Outcome, less stress and you still get to where you where going and feel better for it.

Have a good start to 2008.