Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A good read

Days go by so fast that before I know another months has slipped away. The weather has turned now and the mornings are colder and this week wet and grey. Other than so stiffness in my joints I am doing well, although at present I am not going out in the mornings for a walk so counting the calories at present. Don't want to loose all that muscle just in case they need a Boxer for the next Bond film :)

You may remember from our last chat that I talked about the vet and meeting Michelle who sorted me out. Well she is a vet with a mission and as a dog owner too here advice and opinions are worth listerning to. Lucky for you dog owners and more importantly future dog owners Michelle has written a book all about puppies and all it entail. Speaking of which her book inform me that docking tails in the UK is banned other than in very specific instances. There is a mass of information on such topics of what breed to buy to match your life style, grooming, feeding care and much more. Pop over to HealthyBoxerDog.com for more information.

Where ever you are I wish a good day for you and yours and will speak to you soon. Take care.