Saturday, October 18, 2008

Been away for so long

What a busy 7 months it has been. What with a pretty naff summer and all the problems with the World monetary system I have been very busy sorting it all out.

On the home front the boss (he) has had a big problems with kidneys stones and it appears he may have damaged a kidney. But they have not done anything about the stones even thought they are quite large and will not pass en masse.

I have had a bit of excitement too. Went a bit weird a week or so back. So down to the local docs (vets) and met a very nice vet called Michelle who after a little sorting got me back together seems I had cancer in one of me testicles, not nice. Well all sorted now and on the road to recovery. Seems Michelle is a vet with a mission and has a blog and web site so I will be updating on these shortly so you can all go over and take a look. Does a lot of good work with animal charities too.

Well Autumn is upon us and even in the UK we have some wonderful colours on the trees. Despite all the problems in the world it amazes me that nature can put on such a show. I think that humans should take a little time amidst this present turmoil to look around and see all the wonderful things nature does. I know there are floods, tornado's and snow storms and lives are lost and even put into hardship but that's part of living. The choice is do you brush yourself off and start all over again or quit?
My family has endured cancer and death and hardship but they just keep going and whilst they do I am certain they are moving forward.