Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nearly but not quite

Sorry I have not been writing of late but I was under the weather for a while and at one point thought I was going to crossover. Well I didn't and it's been sorted. As I have got older the old back legs give me problems and I was getting a lot of pain, which made me feel down. Anyway as there is no way they can treat the cause I am on a daily dose of pain killer which means I can get around just fine.

The weather in the South has been all over the place from above average temperature only a fortnight ago to now wet, cold and rain filled days with grey skies. I don't like grey skies, still at least when we get blue skies we have something to make a comparison with!

The UK government and the Opposition are embroiled in misuse of allowances and it would seem many MPs have been taking tax payers money falsely no wonder the Banks have got of lightly there are all scratching each other backs. As I have said previously now is the time to re-adjust the whole financial situation and now make changes to how MPs are able to make allowance claims.

It's always sad when someone is killed "in the line of duty" especially when that is guarding a building or museum, as in the case reported today. Any extreme belief seems to me to lead individuals to a very narrow and bigoted view, be it religious, political or anything. Rationale thinking and actions give way to radical and often violent actions that have no apparent benefit to mankind, but rather slow down progress to a more unified world.

Whilst the world is slowly recovering from recession it would seem that no new order is in place and that things will still be as they were. A more cautions approach to lending maybe the call of the day, but once the money starts to flow again will caution slowly go with the wind? Basing a persons performance on how much profit they generate for the company is a system that will always lead to distortion and corruption. If customer care is a bye word of so many companies as they claim, how come they led their customers down a path of financial ruin? When customer care is thinly disguised as profit it never works in the end. Good customer care, adding value to the customer's experience are all worthy when they are the priority, profit will follow. Any company that was giving true value to their customers will still be in business, especially if their business plan was well structured.

Well I am uncertain if a walk is on the cards today as it's looking very grey and rain looks likely. D has been taken me most days in between the rain so I may just make it. I hope so as he is away for a few days, starting Friday, I shall miss him. Well ahve a good weekend and will talk again soon.