Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

It's New Years eve day here in the UK. So to everyone a Happy New year for tomorrow.
The weather is on target to be wet, windy and cold with the possibility of snow by Friday. In Scotland they celebrate New Year with a serious intent.

For all the people caught by the snow and freezing weather in the USA I hope that you were able to have a good Christmas. In Cambridge, in the UK, part of a village was hit by a tornado which caused some damage, nothing like the ones in America which cause so much damage and hardship.

OK New Years resolutions. Remember my last post, you need to plan how you will succeed and change habits and behaviours to bring about that success. After all doing the same things you have been doing in 2007 will bring you the same results you have at present. There's no point in blaming the credit card company for getting you in debt over Christmas. You used the card and purchased things. Be grateful for what you brought and work out a plan on how to pay off the debt. Maybe stop using the card. Cut it up. Pay more than the minimum,but do something different to what you have been doing and change will occur. If you have more than one card then try paying more off the card with the least amount first. Then when that card is paid off you will have more to pay off the next one. It wont happen overnight but it will slowly get better,just press on and go for it. It's not always the fastest that wins the race.

The stitches are out of my ear now and it feels great. My diet is going well and I have no dog breath, although I still suffer a little from wind. Boss reckons that we are saving over tinned foods by about 60% so he is happy and so am I because the meat and veg I am getting tastes better. I will let you know in 2008 where we got the information from and also the sources the bosses use to train me and keep me well behaved.

Boss is in work this morning to start on another maintenance project. I think he is raising the height of a complete sink unit and work surface to stop people getting backache. Boss has been busy around the house taking down a breakfast bar and changing lights and putting a new roller blind in one of the bedrooms.

Gardening has almost stopped with just keeping the beds clean and tidy the order of the day. The compost heaps have been turned again and one is looking good for the spring. D sits in the summer house most days and puts down crumbs for the blackbirds and robin. The blackbirds will coming into the summer house and peck up crumbs from the door mat. The robin has on two occasions stood on the table whilst D has been doing the crossword, waiting to be feed.

A long blog today but it's the end of the year. I wish you peace and happiness in 2008 and may the warmth of the sun be on your back.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day was good too

I hope you had a good Boxing day. The family love it with all the cold meats from Christmas day and pickles and chutneys. I love it because I get scraps. Now some people think that you should not feed dogs scraps from the table. Before commercial pet food that's what most people did. Dogs got bones to chew and left overs from the table or plates. Dogs were leaner, healthy and did not suffer from so many diseases.

Back to work for the boss today. He is busy sorting out all sorts of maintenance projects over the coming week. D took me out over Christmas which was enjoyable. Christmas day seemed like any other day from a traffic point of view and yesterday the boss thought that the main A road was as busy as a normal work day.

New Year is fast approaching and many people make resolutions that they have no hope of keeping. The problem with New Years resolutions is that they are either to big or said with no plan of commitment. Look loosing 20lbs or 10Kgs is easy to say, but without a plan and commitment - forget it. It's doomed to fail. Plan how to loose the weight and over what period and how are you going to check and modify your habits and behaviour to succeed. Yes habits and behaviour - how did you gain the extra weight? Dogs don't eat for comfort we eat to live and survive and to be able to live our life with purpose. Remember those scraps from the table, often out only source of food other than that we hunted or scavenged else where. We were not feed food from out of a tin that contains additives and preservatives.

Humans have a saying " having no plan to succeed is a plan for failure. If your New Year's resolution is to get out of debt then plan how and impliment it. Just one little change in habit or behaviour can make a big change to your debt or for that matter the weight you loose.

Have a Happy New Year and may your plan succeed as only you can make it- none else.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone, every where. No matter your belief or religion celebrate the opportunity to feel happy and loving towards the world. Us dogs and boxer in particular are fully aware that this is an emotional time for many humans. Us too.

All of my friends in the US I hope that the snow has not caused too many problems and that you are safe and well. The screens of Yule tide we see in the UK show that you can sure decorate and celebrate. So enjoy and be happy and say hi to a neighbour. Take a moment to remember all those less fortunate than us and look at all you have and be thankful even if it's only a bowl of soup someone in the world will not be eating on this day.

To my friends in the rest of the world thank you for reading and giving me your thoughts on my comments on life from a boxer dogs view point.

My ear is now fully healed, although a little ragged. The mulled wine is warming and starting to fill the downstairs with a wonderful smell of spices. The boss does it every year as it reminds him of when he was young and his family had very little, yet at Christmas his parents always managed to make some mulled wine.

Light a candle some time today for those who no longer are with you for Christmas. Take care to only do it whilst you are there to watch it and put it into a holder to collect the hot wax. We don't want and accidents or fires to happen.

The weather here is odd. It's raining very hard and I got very wet this morning. I was hoping for a clear bright day with a frost to make it a white Christmas. Oh well better than the horrible fog we have had lately

I wish you all the best today and may you find peace amongst the mayhem and enjoy the day. See you tomorrow

Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a week that was

Tuesday was not much better than Monday. The weather all these week has been either wet or very cold. We have has freezing fog on my walk in the morning to crisp mornings that make it difficult to answer a call of nature. Boss thought it was that cold that he saw two lumps under my ears; whatever that means.

The Christmas feeling is now with the family. More food has been added to the box in the back room, which has now acquired some seasonal paper around it.

Boss(he) is making Christmas cards. No his not tight, just likes the idea of doing something special for everyone. All the presents have finally been brought and on Sunday eldest son is on the way home. As I have indicated this is good fun because I can wind him up by standing at his door and he goes ballistic in case I walk over his black carpet. What he doesn't know is I go in the room anyway.

Saturday was grey and cold and boss took off a radiator that was not getting hot and back flushed it several times and then put it back in the system. Then we had some interesting problems which was the result of the pump being put in upside down. Boss thought that a mark in the body indicated the flow when in actual fact the mark was on the other side. Personally, I think he needs his eye sight tested for closeup work.
Replaced pump the correct way and low and behold system is working fine all the radiators are hot even the ones at the back of the house. Interestingly the one in the hall is the only one that is warm.

Sunday and the rads downstairs are luke warm and upstairs fine. Much mattering and other verbalising before boss goes out with D to get both lots of shopping.
Afternoon is spent trying to sort out the rads. The one in the hall is blisteringly hot as are the ones up stairs, whilst the ones down stairs are just getting warm. Pump working, valve working. A blockage perhaps? Seems part of the problem is the thermostatic valve sticking or getting blocked. At least upstairs is warm.

Out with boss for a walk this afternoon and not a sole about and the sun was shining too.Back home and the central heating is no better. Boss is now a little peeved to say the least as he has spent the last two weekends on replacing bits. Now thinking that there is a possible block or trapped air holding off the flow on the return side.

Have a good week and may the sun shine and your heating work.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ear today a bit less tomorrow.

Well been to the vet and the end of my ear has gone, no longer there just a ragged end.
What a week with all the rain and towards the end of the week some awful high winds too.Christmas is definitely on the way. Decorations are now up the tree is decorated and the lights are switched on occasionally. Food is being prepared and frozen and a box full of goodies is at last in the back room. Only 15 days to go so lets take the time to enjoy and spread a bit of cheer.

Saturday was a busy day with everyone whizzing around getting presents and bits for the car. Number one tease will be home next week from Uni so I can annoy by standing at his door and threatening to walk over his black carpet. he he.

Sunday was cold and wet with gusting winds at times. Made it difficult to stand on three legs whilst answering a call of nature. Boss(he) drained down the heating system and put in a new ball cock and valve on the header tank and then a new pump in the central heating system. Deep joy and some swearing seemed to help loosen nuts and by the afternoon it was all up a running again. Late afternoon we all sat in D's Summer house and they all had a glass of wine and talked about boss's childhood days living in the outskirts of London. He recalled his Dad working underground for Plessy during the war and the people killed on the metal bridge crossing the main line when an enemy fighter plane strafed it.

Monday, this morning, was wet and cold with a blustery wind which made it feel colder than it was. Doubt I will go out during the day even if the weather improves a s D&M has lost their nerve taking me out after the ear biting incident.
May your day be good and your dreams become reality not your nightmares.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is coming

Thursday was an odd day weather wise. Rain and more rain then some sunny spells. not enough to encourage D&M to take me out though.

Friday was a bright sunny day, although there was a chill in the wind. Again no walk during the day. Since my ear was torn by that mutt D&M have not taken me out. Seems they have lost their confidence. It was not their fault the dog attacked me. Avoidable perhaps but one of those incidents that happens.

I see that there is a great deal of news focused on a white 50 year old teacher from England who ask her class, in the Sudan, what to name a cuddly toy. Having giving the toy a name used by Muslims for their boys, a member of the school staff made a complaint. Extremists then took over and yet again non Muslims are shown the total inflexibility of a religion that has as it's foundation similar beliefs to all other religions. All religions have common ground, the way the principles of those religions manipulate it is the cause of so much that is wrong in the world at present. What I find, as a dog, so amazing is that humans are unable to see through this pretense.

Saturday and the weather consists of a fine rain, more like mist. D has called and is going to take me down to the pond and back. Hurray, I do like my walk with D, if only because at his age I think the exercise does him as much good as me. Bosses went into the town for a short time to have a look at possible present ideas for the family. As the afternoon was sunny and dry work in the garden and cutting and trimming before the winter sets in.

Sunday was wet, but D still took me for a walk to deliver the papers. One of those days where the weather "stops play" in the garden or any where else. Boss(he) put nan's number plate up after much faffing about trying to use existing holes and plugs; made a 5 minute job into a major task.
My ear is healing and according to the boss(he) I am a true boxer as they often have cauliflower ears. Laugh a minute sometime, he is. Next Tuesday I have to have the stitches taken out.Can't say I am overjoyed at that prospect.

Monday sees much activity to release the teacher I spoke about earlier. Perhaps, some sense will prevail as for many people this it just another example of extremism from a religious group.

Well December is with us and the count down to Christmas begins. Amongst all the waste that this will produce as people buy to excess it would be useful to spend a moment on what it is we are celebrating. Is it the birth of Jesus or the pursuit of excess. Yesterday on the BBC web site I noticed an article that indicates that a vast fortune is spent on presents that are not wanted. How many females still get underwear in colours and shapes that they will never wear? How many pairs of socks go to the back of the draw? EBay does good business after Christmas when all those unwanted presents are sold on.

Web site is all but ready to go live. Looking for a good reliable hosting that does not cost a fortune and offers certain facilities. Any opinions on that one?

Tuesday is here already and it was chilly this morning but the rain is holding off; but for how long? Must go as I need to have some R & R before my visit to the vet. See you, take care and be happy.