Thursday, May 7, 2009

A mix of weather at present

May is now with us and the gardens and hedge rows are a mass of colour with flowers and budding trees and bushes. The robin has two young who feed from out of your hand. The blackbird had 5 young and they are quite bold too when trying to get food. Mason bees are busy in the ends of the bamboo blinds too.

because of the variable weather it has meant that D has been taking me out later when it's hot, because as a Boxer dog I have a very fine short coat which offers very little protection from the sun. The wild honeysuckle is every where on our walk along the boardwalk and is offering good cover for many birds and the insects they feed on. Seen the fox a couple of times over the last few days as well.

Here in the UK Monday was a bank holiday and as the weather was good we had a BBQ. I love them, everyone sits around outside and chatting and feeding me scraps. Makes a change to my diet, that's why I do it. Any how the eldest son come over and was saying how busy he is at present as his company changes from one version of Office to another and all the problems of rolling out across the EU with the many language differences.

The gardens are looking good with plenty of lawn cutting and general tidying and dead heading of the daffodils one the blooms die back. D & M's garden is maturing now and it's time to start the final planning of the various areas. The heavy snow has killed a nice bush which was dug up and now there is a need to think about a replacement. There is a flowering nutmeg and tobacco plant in the garden that also look as if the cold has either stunted their growth or they are dying; it's never ending keeping the gardens looking great.

Well the boss(he) is still sorting out his financial problems and has found that despite informing people via letters of his financial problems the credit card companies are very bullying in their approach, almost to the point of harassment. When this all started the boss(he) wrote explaining the situation and asking them for suggestions of how he could continue to pay, but not at the minimum amount. They never replied and now it's at the point we he is no longer able to pay more than a pound they are becoming very demanding. Like I have suggested in the past, if they had cut their interest rates the boss and others would have been able to continue paying but their APRs are still in double figure when the base rate is 0.5%!

What ever your current situation keep going and persist in getting through it and things will change and for the better. There are lessons to be learnt from this and I know the boss will be wiser for it in the end. Take care and speak soon.