Friday, February 27, 2009

Another week draws to an end

The boss(he) had his procedure on Wednesday and althougth he looked a little white was OK and by Thursday was taking things easy but moving around fine. Only discomfort was at night when laying down, but that had gone by Thursday too.

Out with D these last few days and the number of Wrens flitting in and around the bushes is amazing. Most of the year you hardly see them. Many birds are now actively starting to look for a mate. Before long the nest building will start in earnest and the garden will be alive with activity.

Michelle has posted on her blog about the latest "Rogue Trader" which dealt with puppy farms and one that she had first had knowledge of too. She also covers this in detail in her book "PuppyPower" which I have mentioned before as a good book for any would be or existing dog owner.

I hear that the ex head of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin, has declined to give up his over £693,000 per year pension. If he gave half of it back that's still more than many people earn in 10 years,as his pension. No wonder the banking system is in a state with sums of money like that going out to someone no longer there (at RBS)and responsible for the state that bank got in. #
If they paid less at the top and distributed it throughout the bank then customers would get a better service and not be changed ridiculous sums for refusal of a cheque or the likes. A complete overall of the banking system is needed including bonuses, if any, and what the customer gets and pays for and the services and advice they receive.

The weather has been pretty good for the time of year. Mild with temperatures reaching double figures, although a keen wind has made it appear colder when it blows. The family have a lot to do this weekend. Me I'm going to chill out and enjoy any sun there is. Take care a remember change nothing and expect nothing to change.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunny spells more like cloudy and rain

Friday already and in this part of the country there were few sunny spells but a lot of cloud and light rain instead. The main affect this has is my walks are not so interesting as there a few other dogs out on a walk and few wild animals to see.

Buster has now been pensioned off and is now retired. Although he is still required to be on standby should the need arise. It was good to catch him early this morning out and about and looking so fit.

I hear that another fraud has been revealed that has caused yet more problems for savers and investors. Yet again a few people (maybe 3) have been able to dupe both the general public and others into parting with money for a scam. Because of the ability these people have to filter the money away so only a percentage is ever found, they can have a good life if they go to prison and if their sentence is short enough still have a hoard when they come out.

I heard on the news this morning that a young teenager received first degree burns to most of her body through over exposure on a sun bed at an unattended "salon". Seems in the UK that these "self service" tanning salons are not regulated with respect to age of users and time they can stay under the tanning bed. Coupled with the fact that the salon does not have to have anyone in attendance to oversee the correct use of the equipment it looks like a "good little earner" as Del Trotter would say!

US President Obama has had a long haul to get his administration going and it ain't going to get any easier. The war in Afghanistan is still ongoing and will continue whilst the allies employ the military tactics the are using at present. The stupid reality is that the might of the USSR could not do it, so why are the allies employing similar tactics?

The car industry is a barometer of the financial state of the world it would seem. If that is correct then this recession had it's infancy long before the sub-prime problems, as car sales had started to slow in the early part of 2008, not significantly but it had slowed!

Well all this will not get me nearer to my walk or understanding why the human race is so totally immersed in money as the means to find what it is they seek.

Enjoy the weekend, you never know the weather might just be brighter.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Schools out

It,s half term week in the South and there is a noticeable difference in the number of cars on the road at the peak times. The boss(he) has halved his journey time this week and the normal traffic jams are not there this week. It's the same during the long summer holiday too.

Perhaps this is a contributing factor as to why the young in Britain are becoming more obese? Couple that with both parents working and the use of convenience foods high in carbs and you have a picture forming of an unhealthy diet.

Because of the car many teenagers today expect parents to act as a unpaid taxi. Parents do it because of fear for the safety of their offspring and because public transport is now so poor and unreliable that they may well arrive home way past their intended "home time"! Walking seems to be a no no as their clothing is inappropriate and in some style dangerous if cycling. Then there is the increased likely hood that the cycle maybe stolen as there are few secure cycle parks anywhere.

Although the weather has not been as bright as forecast nature marches on and more bulbs are starting to show buds and all around the signs of the impending Spring are there to be seen.

More problems with the car industry in the UK and USA. Mini a BMW company has made people redundant, yet I recall they received Government money ( tax payers money) to keep the plant here in the first place. If they close the plant completely do the tax payers get their money back?

Next few days offer some bright spells so I hope to see more on my walks with D. The last few days have only spotted birds flitting about in the trees and bushes. No sign of the fox resting on the tree or any foxes else where. Soon with Spring so nature starts it,s courtship and there will be much activity to secure a mate.

Well food awaits and then a walk. I will tell you what I see on Friday, until then take care.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy weekend

Saturday looked good with some sunny spells and the boss(he) has sorted out the garden after the snow damage. There where a number of bushes that take broken branches due to the weight of snow on them. The pampas grass lost almost all it's plumes for the same reason.

After a lot of cutting and hard pruning the garden is again looking tidy. The bulbs are on form and pushing through very well. Some of the early crocus have suffered as the snow had settled on the flowers and many just could not hold the weight.

Boss(he) is due to go to hospital next week to have something done about the kidney stones he has. Seems after the last renal colic attack they are concerned that his kidneys are not damaged due to the backing up of fluid causing the kidneys to swell.

How are we all doing on keeping persistant on the resolutions? Remember just keep at it and the change will slowly occur. Celebrate your little achievements each one is a milestone in reaching your destiny .

Funny the boss (he)had been off work last week for three days with his kidney problem his boss has been most off with him. Seems she is very seldom ill and as a result thinks everyone else should be the same. Maybe the holidays in warm climates and relaxing allows that to happen?

Well what ever the reason it's another day in another week so lets get to it and see what we can learn from the week- take care.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain,snow ice and more rain

Icy roads and then last night a light snow fall followed by light rain. It's very difficult to know whats coming next. The water meadows at the local farm have been flooded and then froze so the geese could not wade about and get food. This morning the water has receded and hopefully the waterbirds will be able to feed.

The President of the USA has lost another nominee member of his cabinet. I admire both for their ideals and in fairness to Obama he needs people to be with him and not just yes people. He like the other world leaders have their work cut out to start the process of financial recovery.

As a canine my concern is that I have yet to hear about the checks and balance being put in place to stop this ever happening again. The sub prime could have been prevented, but because money was easy to get and credit too it's effect was to increase the overall debt of everyone for the benefit of a minority.

There is still debate about the banks paying bonuses, although now many of the boards are hinting that they will pay only to customer face employees. If people have to rely on bonuses on the lower levels of a company to have an overall fair wage then something is very very wrong.
I still can't understand why the person at the top gets paid a very good wage and then gets monetary bonuses or share options when those who do the work and take care of the running of a company get the least. I guess the indication is that working hard does not get you that far above the poverty line if at all?

Michelle the Veterinary blond has revamped her book and it's now even better and at the same price as the old one is extremely good value for money, go buy it now. Michelle is also encouraging dog owners to sign a petition to get the Government to micro chip all dogs, I think that this is a brilliant idea as then dogs that are abandoned will have their owners information on the chip. They can then be found and reunited with their pet or if they don't want it be fined to at least cover the cost for a new chip and to give the dog basic care until a new owner is found.

The weekend looks variable weather wise and the boss (he) has to fit a blind for nan whilst she is away with boss(she) as part of her Christmas present. I hope they have some dry weather to enable them to get out a bit.

Well it's time for some food then in an hour or so D might take me out if the rains not to heavy. Take care and have a good weekend.
Oh bye the way how have you all been doing with your resolutions the new habit should be replacing the old, if not keep going and good luck.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First the snow then the floods

What a weekend it was for me. The snow on Friday missed us and went further North. Boss(he) was taken into the surgical assessment unit and stayed overnight with a kidney problem and everyone was at home on Saturday to see how their Dad was, so I got lots of strokes.

At first the snow melted very slowly and although it meant side road and lanes were still dangerous the melt was gradual. Then came the rain heavy all day on Monday and lighter the first part of Tuesday. The common was flooded in places I have never seen it before, not helped by the pond being frozen; I suppose?

Many places have been flooded in the South of England, whilst in Australia fires have devastated the bush and destroyed whole communities in Victoria. Many lives have been lost as a result of the speed the flames where spread by a strong wind. Many household also lost pets and livestock too.

Despite the lowering of interest rates there is still no move to curd the high interest rates on credit cards and loans that are on offer to people at present as a way out. Then the banks look at given the people how where instrumental in the problems big bonuses. Never mind the people at the coal face who get a small amount and meet customers every day and keep it all running. The faceless ones who are responsible are now considering giving themselves bonuses, for what? They should be made to pay the last two years bonuses back, their basic pay is still more than many earn in years.

More dogs are being left to their own devices as families feel the effects of the recession. Canine rescue centres are overloaded and also not receiving the money that need, as all charitable institutes feel the effect of the downturn. Dogs will eat cheap meat and offal which costs little and will keep them healthy. All it takes is a little change in the owners mind set to move from the convenience of opening a tin to getting some offal or cheap meat. Shin is good for making stews for a family with vegetable and some can be kept for your dog, It's not difficult just needs a different approach.

Despite the adverse weather the garden is starting to come alive. There are crocus in bud and flower and snowdrops should be showing their heads too.

Enjoy the sun, if you have any and take care. I'm off soon for a walk with D to see if the water on the common has receded.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Then the snow came

What a week it's turning out to be with chaos on the roads, the railways and airports. Not much fun being a canine in the snow we have had as it was so deep one could not lift ones leg. Despite the weather conditions the week has been good to me. I have had snowball fights, help build a snowman and watched the robins eat mealworms just a few inches from my feet.

The boss(he) said it was like this in Finland one day after the heavy snow and nothing moved. The next day it was all back to normal. They are better prepared than we are as they get more of the white stuff and for longer periods too.

The Bank of England has dropped the interest rate to 1% but how will that help the economy when people are still struggling with credit card debt at 14% or more. If the credit cards reduced their rate to half what they are at present that would allow people to afford to pay more and also put a bit more disposable income into the economy.I think people should remember what the credit companies are doing and when they have the opportunity ditch them for good or pay off what you owe every month and pay no interest.

Friday tomorrow and there is snow on the way. It may miss and carry on or deposit large amount in the South of England. We will see tonight when I go out last thing or it will be quite and white come the morning.
Where ever you are take care and have a good weekend