Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday and a lot of sand

Out with D this morning to deliver the papers. Very little to report of interest no one about, although the birds were active in the hedgerows.

After taking everyone to do their shopping it was time to move the sand. Boss(he) had put in the area to be covered and the depth of bedding mix and ordered accordingly. Just a little too much sand like 250 Kgs. Not to worry it will be used to fill in the hollow in the front lawn, although they both think sharp sand should be used.

Went to the local school this afternoon as boss needed to take in a network storage box. It's got 2 Sata drives. What ever they are? Have you noticed how humans complicate life with the language they use? Some words seem to have many meaning like love, love that dress, love to see you, love you, love that car etc, which is useful. Whilst others have changed over time, awful now seems to describe something not very nice yet it meant awe full or filled with awe.

Well we shifted the sand. I helped of course when it came to filling the hollow in the lawn. Boss got quite cross as as fast as he racked it I redistributed it. Boss(she)was quite amused by it all. Grumpy just got on with racking it back down again and when I went to help he told me to go away. Talking of language that humans use boss(he) told me to go !away". How often when out I have heard people getting cross with their dog and shouting at it to "come here". When it does the either shout at it or hit it. Now what does that teach the dog, when it hears the words "come here"? It is uncertain as to what the outcome, will it get hit or shouted at. Humans just don't understand how clever we dogs are. Even "no brain" the setter is very good as sitting and other things that a working dog should do. Treats us with respect and dignity and we are no problem.

Off to bed early tonight as it's an early start tomorrow. May the sun warm your back and the day grace you with life.

Saturday's post

Wet morning got soaked out on my walk. Boss is under sink as the waste disposer has broken and the new one is a different size. Looks like he is talking about new pipe work to the taps so he is going to change the taps for a different one they got some time back.

Day is getting better boss(she) is busy planting more bulbs next door. Boss(he) has just come round, wag tail and get back massage,; bliss. They are measuring and laying slabs to check the exact area to clear for the shed base. Much activity going on, I help by walking around and sniffing the ground. Wheel barrow is now filled with lots of earth and distributed around the front garden.

Weather is not looking to good, plenty of rain clouds around. Hello one of the tribe has come over to see everyone she works in London and finds it expensive to travel every day so has a shared flat on the outskirts, not a great area but she can bus or walk it on a fine day. Good to see her, she has done well for herself and is a very positive person. Gives me lots of rubs and makes a fuss of me.

Whats this? The pair of them are mixing cement and laying slabs. After much back aching work the 36 slabs are layed, both look tired and despite D&M making drinks they are talking about hot baths; with smells in the water?

Slabs look good and level so it's a good job. Tomorrow boss(he) needs to repair tire on barrow as it picked up a cloat nail from the old shed.
Off home now and a well earned rest speak tomorrow as it's paper delivery day.Hope the weather is dry, hate getting wet. See you

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday in a boxer's life

Fair morning for a walk much milder than yesterday and the moon is trying to break through the clouds. Looks like the bosses are going to be busy this weekend as a big bag of sand, bags of cement and some paving slabs have been delivered. I think this is the base for the new shed to go on.

Household seems a little down, I think it's because one of the tribe is back to uni for their last year. Strange that we have a system that even creates debt whilst still studying. I know the bosses took out a loan to help and that a student loan was taken out too. Now when his studies are finished he will be in debt before he starts, even though he has worked every holiday to ensure that he has no outstanding debts to the bank or credit card company.

How the seasoning is changing fast leaves are falling and there is less activity around the bird table unless the sun is shining. The frogs are keeping a low profile and the baby toads are not in their usual places. There are still roses in the garden and many are buds, the dog wood is showing good colour and the acer's leaves have changes to a golden glow. According to the bosses the grass should slow down and require less cutting. Bulbs have been planted in tubs ready for next Spring and winter pansies have been put in hanging baskets to give some colour to the garden over winter. Much clearing and trimming of plants to give shape has been going on and I think some replanting was talked about too.

Will keep you informed of the work in the garden and the shed base as it occurs. must go as there is a warm spot just been made available on the sofa.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday - a cold morning

Up early and out with boss. Cold morning with a strong breeze. The moon is full and the clouds are moving fast. Autumn is upon us and the horse chestnut tree is already dropping it's seeds. My winter coat is not ready yet so I feel the cold just like I feel the heat of the sun in summer.

No Brain the setter is able to catch things when they are thrown towards him. Me I have no nose and have a problem catching anything. Seems odd that. The bosses think I maybe long sighted. Any other boxers have the same problem?

More blue tongue infection found on the same farm. The cold weather today might help?I wonder if we are able to either produce a vaccine or isolate the animals and see if they can combat it themselves to build their own immunity?

I see that the Blair's are cashing in on their claim to fame. I wonder what percentage of their money do they give or use for charitable or life enhancement projects. Seems to me that many of the world's wealthiest give money to create a better life for others. Take Bill Gates, you may curse him when you are trying to upgrade to Vista, but he and his wife have a foundation that help the less fortunate in the world. Any projects or assistance that helps to give others the means of sustaining themselves and growing into self efficiency must be good.

Talking of which it would appear that this world is all about lack or scarcity. Yet there are more millionaires now than ever so is there a lack of money? Hardly, and what about food? There is enough food wasted in the western world to feed the starving in the world. Humans have got it wrong and as long as they are not affected they have little concern for anyone else.

I see that the Natives of America are to get special shoes that are designed for their feet to help them be more competitive and combat obesity. Their feet are much broader and higher than the norm. Am I surprised, these people roamed the plains and the lands of America following the food trail mostly on foot. They had horses, but never that many, so they walked as did the people of Africa to hunt for food. Whereas the majority of the palefaces used horses to traverse the land and only walked short distances, in comparison. As a boxer, I was bred for working, mostly hunting out wild boar so my paws are large, yet my hind quarter is narrow and designed for speed with a deep chest and strong front end. I would be of little use flushing rabbits out of their burrows. My point is that we have all evolved to differing tasks. Give them shoes designed to their feet, but to help them overcome obesity. Sounds more like a marketing pitch, regardless of how genuine the intention. Look at why they are become obese might be a good place to start, although it may not sell many shoes or trainers!

Well I sorted the human world problems out for today, must concentrate on my being which means plenty of R&R and then walks, then chasing cats and lastly sorting out the family I live with before dinner tonight. It's always busy being a dog. See you tomorrow

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday already

Boss(he) calls this the middle of the working week. I have noticed that those that work the most and the hardest often do not seem to get the rewards, just more hard work. Fox was out this morning opening bags of rubbish and making a mess on the road way. Boss says he remembers when people has metal dust bins and the dust bin men emptied them into the dust cart. Now it's all plastic bags which take an age to degrade and the road look a mess because the refuse collection is done on contract and often they just leave the rubbish in the road.

Now the GTR has gone the bosses are talking seriously about cutting the hedge and sorting out the front. Interesting that along the front of the dwellings used to be a ditch and the lane ran along side the ditch. When it rained excess water ran into the ditch. Old Bill across the road remembers that there was never any flooding then. Mind you he says the winters were much colder then. Is this global warming or just one of nature's cycles?

As I have said before humans go on about the environment then do almost the opposite. Take houses, why build more in the South when there are plenty in the North and there is more brown land available up there. All that happens is more houses, more cars more congestion more toxic fumes and more doing the environment. Why are houses still built with wooden windows which will be replaced with plastic , why not build them with plastic in the first place and double glazed with reflective glass. I think that humans are motivated by greed and are too materialistic.

Dogs require food,shelter and warmth anything after that is a bonus. Humans exploit us just as they exploit each other. yet they can not understand that is why they are screwing the world up and ultimately themselves. At the moment there is an outbreak of foot and mouth in Southern England which is causing all sorts of problems, financial for farmers and other and also the well being of many people. This outbreak would appear to all come from one source a laboratory complex that had defective drain pipes that had been noted. Yet because of lack of funds nothing was done about it? This site complex appears to be shared between private and government establishments. Why was money not made available when one must be profit based and the other is government funded and the government waste tax payers money on other less important things, like training schemes that become scams?

The morning is cold so that might help with the blue tongue problem that has erupted in the Southeast. I hope so as animals are being slaughtered. I also hope that all these slaughtered animals are not going into a food chain somewhere, like pet food?

Strange lot humans but they can be also the most kind and loving individual too. Just like dogs really but with less intelligence and a lot less common sense. They think they train us but we train them. We sit when they say sit not when then say stay. They have to use the correct word before we do what that word means. Well will most likely see Buster today and will discuss our plans for taking over the planet before humans do anymore damage. Sunrise is looking good and the world awakens. Smile at someone today and everyday, especially someone you don't know. Go on try it and see how it lift your day, us dogs do it all the time. TTFN

Tuesday and skip is going today

According to D&M the skip is going today. Well it went nice and early which means that the space is there for the delivery of the materials for the new shed base.
Big day to day I have found out as the boss is selling his GTR which he loves, but has not been able to do anything to it for so long that it would start to fall apart. I remember sitting in the back once when he took it for an early morning spin. Boy does it go and sounds brilliant. Oh well a new chapter begins.
Strange how humans get attached to 4 wheels and a load of metal. Men also refer to cars as she very much like sailors and ships. Is this some affinity to an emotion that they can express to an innate object but not to a living human of the female gender?
Car has gone, I do my bit by barking to let people know that I know they are around. D&M are a lovely couple, well they must be as they take me for walks and feed me and talk to me. But, as humans go they do have some strange rituals. D sits in the summerhouse and reads or does the crossword whilst drinking beer or wine. M does some maths thing in the paper or sits and reads and marks items in the papers, but never appears to get rid of the papers.

Mind you the lot I live with are also weird. One spends most of his life on the computer playing a game and talking to other players world wide. Another one spend most of her time trying to do impressions of a sea gull with sand in it's throat; she calls it singing! Then there another one who is into uni and studying and only appears for food or to answer a call of nature. Another one spends most of her time in London, because that's where she works. Then we have the two bosses well they are total opposites. She sees the glass as half empty and he sees it as half full. Now how crazy is that especially if it's the same glass.

Seems to me that humans are so preoccupied with detail that they spend there lives doing things when they should be, being. Look I spend my time being a dog, sleeping, eating passing wind, smelling the wind and the flowers, chasing cats and looking for frogs. That's being a dog I am not doing dog because there is no doing dog only being a dog. Humans seem to spend all their time doing things, doing work to pay the bills, doing the shopping doing this and that. That's not being, other than stupid. This doing seems to be a relentless task they have to do to get anywhere or anything. Enough of this serious stuff it's time for some scoff and a little beauty sleep. See you tomorrow?

Monday skip goes

Monday already and up early and out for his morning walk with me in tow. Not much to see, although according to him there was a lot of traffic on the road so early in the morning.!
The skip should go today which is a good thing as it has had additions to the content overnight. Must be the garden fairies or humans getting rid of garden stuff too lazy to take over the dump themselves?
Odd day weather wise as it is warm but with some cloud and light rain. Need the rain to give the plants some water and wash the ground. We have one period of torrential rain around 09:00 which creates a lot of surface water and run off from the land as it's so dry.
Talking of wet, my old mate "no brain the setter" was out when I went with D for a walk this afternoon. Really great dog, all happy and bouncy but can't remember from one minute to the next. I guess when we where bred for chasing wild boar, setters where bred to face guns which requires not having any brain. Why because why run towards guns very bad for your health, particularly as some humans act stupid when they have a loaded gun in their hands.
Skip still has not gone and it's evening now. Bosses are not happy as they need the space for the slabs and the sand and cement for the base for the new shed.
Must go as food and the soaps call.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday - shed in skip

Yesterday was very productive. The shed is in the skip, garden is looking good and the burn heap was reduced to ash. All thanks to my organisational skills.
D comes around and takes me for a walk, very misty but with the promise of a good bright day. See two deer in the mist but they are away before I can get to them to say Hi. No walkers or other humans doing early morning activities. Still mist is rising and there is blues sky. Pass heron on the pond, very busy looking in the water. Must like his own reflection. Nearly home time for some scoff and then some shut eye.
After the shopping they are all in the garden busy doing things. I think they call it pottering, although J.K Rowling is no where to be seen. Since the big scare in the USA about contaminated dog and cat food the bosses have taken me off tinned food and now buy offal for me. I must admit it is a whole lot better for me and it save them money and I love it. Always worries me how this could happen until you look at the short term gain humans seem to focus on. After children and often in place of comes pets. Now I know that for some that means a hungry market that mean MONEY. So they obtain "meat" and add cereal and other materials and tell pet owners it's good for their pet. It cost money, they have no real idea of what goes in it and it contributes, in the case of dogs, to a decrease in life expectancy and increased illnesses.
I digress, the patches of grass are mowed and a general tidy up of the garden is done. Off to Nan's to take over the big ladder ready to do more window preparation next week.
Back home and go round D&M's for a chat and glass of wine. All very civilised and the day has been quite good, just a little chill in the afternoon air as Autumn start to make it's presence known.
Have a good week and may the sun shine on your face or warm your back

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday is shed down day.

Boss(he) up early sorting out the tools required to take the shed down. Explains to me how he will need to cut bolts and take the shed down bit by bit. Now I have seen this all before, starts off like that then out comes the wrecking bar and hammer and it's down in bits.
What did I say, bolts too difficult to get the saw on, so out comes the bar and off comes the door within seconds. Lots of dust as it's got wood worm in it. Within a short time the front of the shed comes out to leave the roof sagging on the sides and the back. Next the two halves of the roof then the sides and lastly the back. Skip is then loaded and by midday it's all done. screwdriver and saw returned, unused.
Other boss(she) has been around helping whilst I have supervised, the only way to get things done. They now move to clearing out the green house and before I know it they are in the garden doing weeding, repairing the water pump, trimming and showing me the frogs ( they call them oggits) never mind I know what they mean.
Stop for a hot drink and filled roll, whilst I have my scoff and away they go again. Looks to me like a bonfire is in the making which is interesting. Why? Well (he) likes flammers with little smoke and everything burnt within a short time. (she) likes to burn everything which means some smoke. This will happen after sunset and is a ritual getting cardboard first, because it flames well and produces lots of heat and then away it goes. Well it's all burnt and it was quite good as they put a lot of lavender on which smelt OK.
A good productive day, the humans are pleased and thanks to my organisational skills it was done in an orderly manner. I can now get down to some serious shut eye whilst they have showers and watch a little TV before bed. Speak tomorrow as they are doing something over Nan's also must chat about my diet.

Skip arrives

What a day the skip arrived and with some effort it was sited so you could just get by. Nice day with plenty going on as D&M where busy moving bits out of the shed. Strange how many humans store large amounts of unusable rubbish for years and then have to pay to get rid?
Not much to report spent most of the day being (a dog) and very little doing. So much better for the inner you, gives you time to listen to your inner thoughts. Well it looks like I may get a walk after all as they can just get by the skip with me in tow. see you tomorrow

Friday, September 21, 2007

20th September 2007

Good morning,
Met a new hound this morning. A old English Bull Dog, seems that we are related somewhere in the past so always interesting to find out about your relatives and where they came from.
Weather not that bright today with showers on and off most of the day.
Big day tomorrow as D&M's shed will be taken down over the weekend, and the skip arrives tomorrow. I will be busy helping with pulling the shed down and chasing any rodents that should be in residence. If I can I will get some photos, it should present plenty of opportunities to observe humans as work. Dogbert would find this interesting in his understanding of humans.
Out of body experiences is in the news; I see. Bosses both agree that when I am suffering from wind they have OBE?
One of the clan should be back from the Dominican Republic today so will keep an eye open for all the news about their holiday.
Talking of holidays, only four more weeks and I will be off for a few days somewhere in England. Never know where as they often setup the Tom Tom incorrectly and we all end up miles from the intended place. I of course can get back to base quite easily without some gadget.
Must dash as there is some scoff in the bowl and then some shut eye. See you tomorrow?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunday in the life of a K9

Another late start. Bosses went out last night to a 60th party which they both enjoyed. Boss(he) wakes up with a start and gets out of bed in a hurry as he thinks it's gone 7 o'clock. Why humans are so into this time thing never ceases to amaze me. Time is dictated by light and dark. When it's light you do what ever you need to and when it's dark you sleep. Why make it difficult. Problem is that humans are to busy doing and not enough being. Oh well, their choice.
Anyway weather looks fine and sunny and D is in fine fettle this morning so we are off at a good pace. Nothing to report on the walk as we see nothing and no one. Mist rising off the field looks good and gives one a real sense of the beauty of nature and life in general.

Some harsh word are said by boss(he) as it would appear that something he got the garage to done last year has gone again and also the drive shafts are getting near to needing replacing.Seems to me that cars are not only very expensive to get but then are expensive to own and all because the public transport system is so poor.

Off to Nan's again as her paint work needs rubbing down and cleaning before priming and top coating. All these different words to describe an action or something. Weather is holding out and bosses seem pleased with what they have done.

Back home and round D&M's. Boss(he) is going to repair the summer house roof as the felt has split with all the thermal movement ( bosses words not mine) Whilst (he) gets on with the roof, (she) starts doing the wood preserving of the decking and balustrade. Wow minor problem (he) has a problems as the ladder has shifted and he is clinging to the roof, doing an impression of spider man. Phew, all is well minor adjustments to ladder catch with hammer and up (he) goes again. Oh no not again. Just finishing screwing in the finials on the top and the ladder has shifted again and (he) is attempting to defy the law of gravity. To make matters worse it looks like he has pushed the screw driver through his bottom lip. Well at last he is down on the ground, badly bruised shins, ribs and skinned arms and a bloody lip. Cup of coffee and a biscuit seems to get him sorted. Well after all that excitement the rest of the afternoon and evening pass without incident. D says that he will take me out in the morning which means I can have a late start.
Boss(he) is muttering on about Northern Rock and all sorts of thing, must be shock or something coming out, according to boss(her). I will keep you posted speak tomorrow.


Lay in today as boss (he) does not take me out. Interesting walk today, rub noses with a deer on the common. Not afraid of me at all and seemed quite agreeable to a quick greeting.
Along the path on the common saw a male fox but he was gone before I could get to him to say Hi.
One jogger and one other dog walker. Weather is looking fine and it should be a good day to lay in the sun. Get a couple of treats from D who is always eager to please me by giving them to me. Boy these humans are an interesting lot.
Buster was up as we passed by him garden but not out in the garden so unable to catch up on any news.
mid morning and we are off to see Nan. The bosses are busy replacing a plastic roof on the green house and need to finish it today.
Lay in the sun and have plenty of strokes from Nan. According to bosses Nan is in her early eighties and despite having an odd form of cancer is doing well, considering.
Mid afternoon and back home and go around to D&M's. the bosses busy themselves with gardening whilst I relax on the lawn and get some sun. Not too much mind you as I get sunstroke.
All the family are home this weekend which means I get plenty of attention and am able to catch up on the weeks news.
Must go speak tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday in the life of a noble boxer

Up early and out with the boss(he) Still going on about the stars. I guess this is star gazing, me I like to bark at the moon when I can. Plenty of foxes around this morning had sight of at least three.Wookey, my 57 variety dog mate, chased on in his garden today.

Over to D&M to day but no afternoon walkies as D had chronic indigestion. Did I tell you about my mate buster? He is a special spaniel who works out at the airport. He is trained to smell out explosives. Now to me that is one job that will decrease longevity of life. Anyway Buster tell me that the other day he is taken to a hotel and sent to sniff a metal briefcase. As Buster tells it the case smelt bad and he put some distance between him at it. This caused a bit of panic as everyone started to get the hell away from the area. Anyway Buster is sent back to the case and thinks the best thing to do is lift his leg and pee on the case to reduce the smell. Seems this causes everyone to become happy. Strange lot humans!

Well the weekend beckons and it's time for some shut eye. speak tomorrow

Thursday Events

No early morning walkies today on account of the fact I felt ill. To much sun the afternoon before. Wookey, my 57 variety dog friend has no problems with the sun as he has a good growth of hair to keep the sun at bay. Now Lilly, on the other hand, is a white English bull terrier and get sun burnt on her nose if she's not careful. Needs to have high sun factor cream on her nose!

Spend the day resting on the sofa and getting some beauty sleep. Great benefit for my wrinkles and allows my whiskers to grow.

Boss (he) comes in ranting about H&S and how it in causing all sorts of problems for the brickies building the new high wall where he works. Seems to me that this is a typical example of humans reacting to a situation, safety on building sites, by creating at first a sensible set of rules to safeguard site workers that then gets unwieldier as the government intervenes and bureaucracy takes over.

Boss(she) confirms that there has been another case of foot & mouth in Surrey and restrictions are in place. It would seem that other EU countries have infected herds and allow it to takes it's own course with the animals building their natural resistance to it?

Another day draw to an end and I hope that your life has been touch by the sun.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday's events

Too tired to go with boss this morning. So he stayed in and they had breakfast earlier than normal.
D&M take me out today and I see a deer in the undergrowth and a heron on the pond. Today was mostly spent listening to human chatter. Met two other dogs on my walk and keep them in the loop about plans for taking over the world.

Only bosses in tonight so evening was spent debating the association with money. Climax of evening was female boss sees big harvest spider and male boss catches it in wine glass before I can get me chompers on it. Pity a varied diet is good for you.
Well must do me exercises to stop me wrinkles getting bigger. I wonder if that stuff Jane Fonda talks about is any good for boxer dogs?

Tuesday's events.

Now before I go any further let me explain why I have the name Wooshus. My 49% owner was unable to say Boxer when young , but would point and say Wooshus; hence my name. Winston, George or something along those lines would have been great. But oh no what do I get?

Very cold this morning. He is going on about the Plough and Orion's belt in the sky, seems to me with all those satellites and planes there's enough junk up there already!
No Foxes, cats or humans, just one police car speeding along the road!
Old man (boss) is in good mood and gives me some treats without me asking. Well trained or what?Back home and whilst he makes the tea and toast chance to have a quick bit of shut eye.

Grub aka mouth like the Blackwell Tunnel has just brought in my bone, which she calls Bernard? Must start to make serious decision on taking over as humans are becoming more unstable by the minute.
Grub is one of the teenage members of the family, very extrovert and often plays with me until I give her a serious "sharky" look and growl. Only do this when she tries to take my bones. They feed her well so I don't see why she should have any of my scoff.

Female boss seems to spend most of her time ironing. What a waste we dogs have no such requirements. Well must go busy day keeping guard with both eyes closed. Speak soon

Monday walkies

Up before day break with the old man,
Boy he never gives up. See a fox in the distance and very little else. He is talking again about the sky and how the clouds keep in the heat and that's why it was hot during the night... I think it was due to the fact that he had the TV on watching the Beatles first film. It appears that they filmed a bit of it where he worked in London. According to him they (the Beatles) were very friendly and good blokes!
Their music is very good and the words are great too. Enough of this we dogs must continue to make plans to take over the world before humans make more mistakes that effect us dogs.
Off to the neighbours for some R&R speak tomorrow.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Lay in until late. Bosses both tired from all the work yesterday. Out delivering papers again. I wonder what I will see to day? Today is shopping day so I get to go around neighbours for some treats and and sleep on the grass very nice.

As I see it humans spend all their time doing and not being. Me I spend more time being and very little time doing. Always rush here, rushing there and getting stressed and down right in human. Why, is life not to be enjoyed and explored to the fullest in being?

Time to go as there is movement afoot. speak later.

Saturday walk

Out this morning on paper round at a sensible time. Weather is good, blue sky, cool and with a show of sun. Met two of my k9 mates and had a chat whilst their owners talked to the paper delivery person. Long walk today as the papers are only for two people some distance apart. No foxes this morning although there is a sign on a post, very handy, which causes the delivery of the last paper to be halted whilst it is read. A wonder what it's about?
Rest of walk uneventful and returned home. Seems the sign on post was about knocking down some old buildings and build a lot of houses. Back to where will the rain go and of course no bus service so will need cars which will create more of a traffic jam in the mornings. Boy, humans are just so lacking in K9 thinking.

Saturday afternoon off to Nan's whilst she and he do things. What this.... a Canada goose on the path. He collects goose and puts in garden for safety as it could have been run down by a car.
Late evening and back home no sign of goose, he reckons it was tired after a long flight.
Fox found hiding in next doors garden, but runs down back of garden before I can get closer.
Both bosses are talking about joints aching and having a hot bath. Time to find out when food will be in bowl and then stealth mode before some serious sleep. Talk tomorrow

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Morning

Friday already. Weekend on the way and two days without early morning walks. Our next door neighbour takes me out on his paper round. Always interesting.

Well this morning was much like yesterday, without any sightings of fox's. Bosses are both muttering about global warming and recycling and the like. Seems to me that on walking down to the common that a good percentage of gardens are now either tarmac covered or some other covering to allow cars to be parked. Now from a dogs point of view this clearly impacts on where the rain goes, not in the gardens to soak in but into the drains and they wonder why we have flooding. More cars are needed because the public transport system seems pretty poor hence more carbon and more depleating the ozone layer. I thought humans were the superior bunch, seems to me that they need a bit of canine thinking.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday morning walk

Hi I have been listening to the folks in the house talk about blogs and have stood and watch them blogging. Well if humans can do it then dogs sure can. Here goes, any misspelling is down to this keyboard being to small.
I am a boxer, red coloured and according to the family real cool, unless I am having trouble with wind. Did you know its common to us boxers. Oh and according to them (humans) I snore too!

Well that's the intro bit done. Every day I have to adjust to the requirements of the humans I live with from early morning to late at night. That means I have to cat nap. Talking of cats there are none in our garden, ever. This will be my daily diary of events living with "my family"

Today, Thursday woke at 04:30 and had to go out with the boss because he has a walk early in the morning. Problem is I always have to go. I'm happy for him to go on his own. But, oh no I have to go because according to him it's good for me and keeps me in good shape. Has he looked in the mirror lately? Walking all day would hardly help him.

Well out we go and lots of smell, mostly fox's, so I add mine adding to the spirit of things. Clear sky and the boss is going on about the stars. I guess it means his eyesight's not too bad. At last a suitable patch on which to add my donation to the compost heap of nature. Boss praises me for doing something I have to do anyway. Crazy or what. What this.... a female fox is stalking us. Quite interesting big splash of black on the tip of her brush, contrasts with my white tip. Gets a bit to close so turn and lunge with a deep growl, fox stand still and boss utters something about his arm being pulled out of it's socket. Well those were the words I understood the rest sounded like French.
On way home now, boss seems to be ok so I try the lookup with pleading eyes routine and it works I get a treat. Works most times and is just soooooo easy. Back home and into stealth mode whilst the boss makes the tea and his coffee. Boss of to work. Go upstairs and look at bosses mate who tells me to jump up and get in his side of the bed. time for a nap talk later.