Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How time flies

Another week has flown and so much has gone on I hardly know where to start.
Sadly one of my old adversaries passed away last week. Although we never saw eye to eye I am saddened by his passing.

This week it has been very cold and every morning I have been over the common there has been a thick frost and heavy mist. Global warming has taken a few days off; I guess.

The garden is starting to take on a new life and even some birds are collecting nesting materials. Bulbs are pushing up and early ones are in flower the first signs of spring are with us now. The next few weeks will see the begining of colour on the trees and bushes as the buds start to sprout and a subliminal green will start to appear in the fields and hedgerows in the South.

I see that this blog has dropped out of the Google search completely, which supprises me because some of the front runners are there because of forum input. But my purpose it to let people know what I am up to and my views on the human world at large.

A theme I keep returning to is that of being and not doing. Look you are called human beings not human doings. To be human is to be what your purpose is on the planet and that revolves around being not doing. I best describe this as a spiritual side of humanity. You can be in love and be loving you can't be doing love or loving. You can be strong but not doing strong. People have got it upside down. Spend a little time being you and not what you think you should be because of your ideas of how others perceive you. We often do thing because thats how we think others expected us to be.

Well like the last time the spell checker is not working so someone is being lax. Probably takien my being literally.
See you, take care.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back after a week away

Wow, what a time I have been having. I have been busy with the boxer dog web site and now it's all in place. By the time you read this I would have got the site hosted and it should be live. Problem has been that the family I live with have been busy using the PC for all their homework and other projects that I have not been able to get a nose in or a paw on the keyboard.

I see that interest rates are coming down on both sides of the pond in an effort to stabilize the economies of the US and the UK.

Birds are starting to build nests and the Snowdrops are out as are some of the early Daffodils. The garden is starting to take on some colour and although the mornings are cold there is a great deal of activity in the garden. I have just noticed that the spell checker is not working in Blogger this morning so apologies for any K9 spelling mistakes.

Well have a good day and my thoughts are with the people who have lost love one or had their home devastated by the hurricane in America.