Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April showers bring forth May flowers

Great weather with plenty of sunny spells so I have been out on lots of walks which is helping my joints. Today it was raining this morning so I decided not to go anywhere, best to wait until the rain stops.

I am glad that we have had some rain as it will help the plants and the grass to grow which always makes everywhere look radiant after the showers and the sun shines. Spring gives us a glimpse of what is in store for the summer months. In the garden the robin and blackbird are busy collecting food for their young, soon we should see them on the lawn or in the scrubs as they venture from the nest.

Schools are on Easter break and the roads are that much less congested. Odd really when many schools have a policy that requires the child should live in walking distance of the school for admission! It's the same in the Summer, surely if parents walked with their children it would be a double win-win. Save fuel and money spent on fuel, reduce the Carbon footprint and get healthier with the exercise? I know many parents both have to work, but surely they can do something it's for their benefit and their child too.

The G2 is over and there appears to be a consensus that a new era is on it's way with respect to banking. Meanwhile, in this country the banks who also have credit cards are using an old law to take money from people accounts to pay their credit card. This is regardless of the fact that it may effect their mortgage, service bills or council tax. This clearly shows the ruthlessness of the banks who got the world in this situation in the first place. The important issue is that this is not "fair" treatment and the banks know it but are exploiting peoples ignorance to get back money they are owed, regardless of the consequence. Lets see what the Government does to get itself distanced from this as they have yet to sort out the banks and the banks freely giving credit even when it was not requested.

It's now 3 clear months since the setting of those New year resolution, so how have you done. The boss(he) is going great guns with "to do" lists and has so far exceeded his expectations. We have had rooms wallpapered, skirting's painted, lawns mown and all sorts of jobs done that would still be "getting there" if he had not had the "to do" lists. Try it and as always have short lists for things that can be done in an hour or so to long term lists that require a series of actions to bring about; like re fencing or sorting out the garage.

Have a good Easter and may the sun warm your face or back, depending on the road you take.

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