Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nearly the end of April already

How the seasons seem to march on irrespective of the happenings in the world at large. April is almost gone and Spring will shortly be giving way to Summer all in the blink of an eye.

The trees are now showing plenty of colour as the leaves begin to unfurl and the horse chestnuts are showing off their white flowers. It seems that this year every thing in the garden is racing along at a great pace. I mentioned the other day that the daffodils have been and gone. Primroses are showing in the banks and the geese are feeding in the water meadows. Last week the boss(he) heard a cuckoo calling and the blackbirds have five young now feeding as a family on the lawn.

The bosses are coming to terms with the fact that the boss(he) has got financial problems and has been talking to a debt company about it. Because of a loss of income and existing credit card debt the last straw was Am Ex doubling the monthly interest rate and the APR. At present we are hanging in there and the bosses are trying to sort it all out. If you are having any problems with debt get it sorted as soon as possible. The bosses left is later than they should have, but the company they are using , called Pay Plan, has been very helpful and the advice was free too.

Despite all the problems the boss(he) is still keeping to his "to do" lists and is now working at getting even more "little" jobs sorted; like the shed and garage. They certainly focus him on what needs to be done and the work is getting done.

D has been taking me out for walks and although the weather has changes from fine to wet and variable I am getting about. Yesterday was wet and damp and my front joint was very stiff. Today there has been a frost and the sky look quite clear so it could be a sunny day.

Where ever you are may your day be better than the last and the sun warm you with its rays. See you soon and take care.

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